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Erythritol vs Truvia

There are so many brands of so called zero calories available in the market and all of them go with the same benefit which is helping you to control

Soju vs Vodka

Soju and Vodka are two distilled beverages of different origins. Soju came from Korea, while Vodka came from Poland or Russia. Some interesting facts are that they can be

Truvia vs Splenda

People has been finding way to reduce sugar intake that known to be linked with many diseases like diabetes and obesity and the most popular way is using zero

Yakult vs Milk

We have done so many efforts to stay healthy such as exercising or choosing the right food that bring goodness into our body. Many of them are actually beneficial

Kool-Aid vs Soda

Fruit flavored beverage is very popular since hundreds of years ago or even longer than that and until today, you can find so many soft drink coming in fruit

Monster Energy vs Bang Energy

For many of us, energy drink is a the one we rely on when we need to stay up late doing something important or when we just need a

Monster Energy vs Mountain Dew

Monster Energy and Mountain Dew aren’t exactly in the same group. Monster Energy falls in the category of energy drink, while Mountain Dew is more of a soda drink.

Bang Energy vs Redline

Energy drink is a very popular type of beverage often consumed by people these days because they are well-known to be able to provide energy or keep us stimulated,

Arctic Zero vs Halo Top

Each day we strive to live a healthier life and slowly began to improve our diet in an attempt to have a healthier body including upgrading our high calories