Big Red Gum Ingredients

Big Red was presented in the United States and Canada as cinnamon gum gained favor in the United States. After modest success, the gum was repositioned as a breath refreshing gum with long-term taste rather of simply a cinnamon flavored gum. Product packaging showed this positioning, instead of a cluster of pale green leaves to indicate the natural freshness of cinnamon, a yellow flame dotted the letter “i” in Big Red to show to consumers that the gum was hot and hot.

Wrigley’s Big Red is a cinnamon flavored chewing gum introduced in 1976. It was once offered in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia but was ceased. In all foodstuff, components need to be listed according to their relative weight. The listing of each component remains in a coming down order of predominance. Big Red chewing gum is a scrumptious option to standard mint flavoured gums. If you would like more details about Big Red chewing gum, Australia-based sweet lovers must speak to us.

Big Red is a cinnamon flavored chewing gum introduced by the William Wrigley Jr. Big Red was readily available in the United Kingdom and Ireland in the mid to late 1990s, however is no longer offered there. Big Red was also released in the early to mid 1980s in Australia, however was ceased in the end of the 1980s.

The main ingredient of Big Red chewing gum is sugar. This is obviously needed to sweeten Big Red chewing gum. Australia consumers have to know that high sugar intake is linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay, however in small amounts it is generally considered safe.

Gum Base:
The gum base of Big Red gum is made from a mixture of 5 various raw materials. These consist of Resins, which are used as a conditioner and binder, Waxes used to render softness, Fillers to develop the overall texture, Elastomers used to offer bounce and elasticity and Anti-oxidants utilized to extend the shelf life. These are generally artificial ingredients, so you need to check the particular ingredients if you have a specific sensitivity.

Corn Syrup:
This is a sweet syrup made using corn starch. Corn syrup is considered to be safe when eaten in percentages but it can trigger allergic reactions in those with sensitivity.

Big Red gum is flavoured using certain natural flavours that are not chemically derived. The primary flavour is obviously cinnamon but the particular flavour formula for this delicious gum is supersecret!

Nevertheless, Big Red chewing gum does also include some synthetic flavours. These mixes are designed to mimic natural flavours and are needed to be FDA approved on American products such as Big Red. Companies are not required to provide a list of the particular synthetic mixes utilized in foods, so if you are delicate to particular artificial flavours, you might have to inspect the specific chemical formula of the item.

Glycerol is either a synthetic or natural product. It can be used animal items or with a soy, corn or peanut base. This indicates that if you have a nut or soy allergy, you may experience a response with this item.

Soy Lecithin:
This is used soybean waste and it is typically extracted with hexane. This active ingredient might be used with genetically customized soybeans. Additionally, some individuals are delicate to soy lecithin.

This is a sweetening agent. Some individuals experience level of sensitivity to aspartame, that includes signs such as hyperactivity, sleeping disorders and headache. Big Red likewise consists of the sweetening agent Acesulfame.

Big Red is coloured with Red 40 Lake and Blue 1 Lake colourings. These are pigments made to produce an insoluble colour. Some people are delicate to these colourants, if so, they should prevent this item.

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