Fairy Tales Lice Treatment

Number one natural louse elimination treatment proven to remove louse and their eggs (nits) is created with natural enzymes that eliminate the bug and liquify the sticky (nit glue). No-mess foaming mousse makes elimination simple with comb offered. No-Drip Mousse is clinically proven to dissolve “nit glue” and assists eliminate lice, utilizing a combination of naturally occurring enzymes. Use with nit comb to help eliminate lice and their eggs (nits) without harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Remove head louse and their eggs naturally– without harsh chemicals or pesticides! # 1 natural lice removal treatment shown to get rid of lice and their eggs (nits) is developed with natural enzymes that get rid of the bug and dissolve the sticky “nit glue.” No-mess foaming mousse makes removal simple with comb offered.

Secret Advantages:
– New pressure of “incredibly louse” are increasingly resistant to the harsh chemical elimination treatments.
– Louse Good-Bye is the only natural treatment tested effective to get rid of louse, “super lice” and their eggs.
– Safe for duplicated usage during outbreak and head checks.
– Each bottle consists of 6-10 treatments, based on hair texture and length.
– Consists of gluten.
– Soy, nut and dairy totally free.

Naturally Eliminates:
– Lice.
– Super Lice.
– Nits.
– Nit Comb Consisted Of.
– Natural Alternative.

Facts of Louse
– What are lice?
Head louse are grayish/brown and about the size of a sesame seed. They are found directly on the scalp and move rapidly.

– Exactly what is a Nit?
Nits are lice eggs, small grayish sacs the size of a determine. They are attached to the hair strand with a sticky nit glue. Nits are found 1/4 -1/ 2 inch from the scalp, and most typically at the hot spots behind the ears, at the nape of the neck and at part lines. When hatched, they move to the scalp to feed and lay their own eggs within 7-10 days.

– How are Head Lice Spread?
Louse are most commonly spread through head-to-head contact. Since they have more physical contact at that age, they infest children more than grownups. Louse can endure approximately 24-36 hours off the human head on hats, pillows, towel and other individual products.

Recommended Use
1. Pump 10-12 puffs of Lice Good-Bye natural treatment into your hands. Utilize more for longer hair. Have your kid hold a washcloth over eyes for defense when applying.

2. Comb through small areas of hair within each quadrant. Focus near the scalp as nits will attach 1/4 -1/ 2 inch from top of the head. Continue combing till no nits are seen.

Suggestion: Wet combing is more efficient to remove nits. To help comb, utilize Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray and the Nit-Free Terminator Comb (both sold separately).

3. Wash hair completely in a consistent stream of warm water, protecting eyes with a washcloth. Examine hair and scalp under brilliant light with nit comb. If lice and nits are still noticeable, repeat the combing process.

IDEA: With Fairy Tales Lice Goodbye you don’t need to wait to do a subsequent treatment AND you can utilize the Lice Good-Bye mousse after other chemical treatments have actually stopped working.

4. Repeat treatment on day 2 to guarantee louse and nit elimination. Do nighttime head checks for 5-7 days.

Other Active ingredients
Naturally occurring, non-bacterial, prepared eco-friendly, enzymatic service originated from safe yeast strains, water (aqua), moderate non-ionic surfactant mix.

For external usage only. Place washcloth over eyes throughout application to secure eyes.

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