How to Start a Music Career with No Money

One of the biggest questions asked by people interested in a musical career is how to start a music career with no money in the first place. Well, one thing is certain: The music career won’t happen to you if you are just sitting around doing nothing! You have to wake up from your cushy sofa to get things done. As an old friend put it, “get out of your comfort zone”. Nevertheless, jumpstarting a music career doesn’t actually require lots of money. Here are some ideas and tips on how to start and get your music career going.

1. Write Down Your Goals
This one sounds obvious, but is it really obvious? You know that you want to be successful in the music world, but how does “successful” look like? You may set a long-term goal, but the more important thing is to focus on short-term goals which will help you track your progress. For example, if you have never played a show, perhaps getting a slot at a local show is a more sensible objective than hosting a concert in a giant stadium. You should also set a time limit to keep yourself going and moving.

If you want to make your own label, coming up with a name and doing the paperwork to start the business within six weeks can be a very good first step. Afterwards, figure out what to do in the next twelve months, break it into steps and deadlines, and do it.

2. Get Yourself Known in Person
Success in music industry can have a lot to do with who you know. Those people who can open new doors for you, they aren’t going to come over to your home and ring your doorbell. So, you have to get out and get to know the people in the industry. Start small. You can start from the booker at a local club, or the local newspaper’s music reviewer.

Do not afraid to take chances, do not afraid to get rejected. In fact, you should get used to hearing “no” in the music industry. But, you don’t ask, you don’t get.

3. Get Yourself Known Online
These days, the online platforms are very useful to get yourself discovered. Talk about YouTube, SoundCloud, and even Instagram. You don’t have to be on all websites, just stick with one or two that you enjoy the most. But the more important thing is to update consistently so that you can build up a community of fans. But social networking is not all about building fans; it is also useful for joining the music business. You should also have your own website, in which you can control your identity completely and present yourself in the best possible way.

4. Relate, Team Up
Finally, one of the most important things on how to start a music career with no money is to relate and team up. Even the most talented kid in the world can’t do everything on their own. There are things that you’re great at, and there are other things that you better let someone else handle for you.

Finding a team does not have to be expensive or corporate. That’s why going out and socializing is very important. For example, you are a musician struggling to book all your own shows. There is someone out there who is looking for a shot at booking and managing shows. Cooperation and collaboration have so much meaning when you are just about to establish yourself in the industry. Still, this does not mean that you have to give up rights or creative control – this is about finding your team, after all.

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