How To Use a Tempa DOT Thermometer

A single-use, disposable clinical thermometer that can measure body temperature that is axillary or oral. Offered in Celsius or Fahrenheit, the thermometers are sterile and individually wrapped. The Tempa DOT is a trusted alternative for your mercury thermometer. In clinical use, a cut-off purpose of 37.5 degrees C to both the oral and axillary site is most appropriate. This sterile, single-use device measures body temperature in Celsius variety of 35.5℃ into 40.4℃. Each dot contains a precise mixture that melts at a temperature, shifting to gloomy from red/brown using the dot indicating the patient’s temperature.

Concerning the product
– Sterile
– Ideal for use.
– Designed for one-time use, these disposable thermometers accurately assess infant, pediatric and adult temperatures in 60 seconds, while eliminating the possibility of.
– Temperature in Fahrenheit. Individually wrapped.

Individually wrapped, Tempa DOT thermometers use a dot sensor matrix composed of temperature-sensitive indicating dots. Color from tan changes to blue at a particular temperature relative to the particular chemical mixture of the dot’s point. Each dot changes color in a temperature of 0.

What are the instructions for a Tempa DOT Thermometer?
1. Separate one thermometer and eliminate packaging
Tear off one valve in the strip. As you peel the package away, be careful to hold the thermometer by its own handle, instead of the section.

2. Place the thermometer under your tongue for 60 seconds
Place the thermometer under your tongue as much as possible. It does not matter whether the dots are currently facing up or down.

3. Remove the thermometer and wait for ten seconds before reading
After the 60 seconds are up, remove the thermometer and let it sit for ten seconds before you read it. By taking a look at the dots read the warmth. Your temperature is shown by the last blue dot. Ignore any dots that are unchanged. Record your temperature and drop the used thermometer. There are times when an oral thermometer is not practical, due to the type of individual or personal preference. For instance, young children who have difficulty or individuals having sores in their mouth, are served with an thermometer.

Product Accuracy
The dots Each have its own formulated temperature stage that fires at a specific temperature. Its colour varies from brown to blue, when a scatter fires. The amount of dots which fire depends on the individual’s temperature. The final dot provides the temperature reading. It’s important to keep in mind that axillary temperature readings are often lower than corresponding oral temperature readings. This difference is normal and expected.

Single-use thermometer individually wrapped to Decrease threat of hospital stay related to health care-associated disease and to reduce risk of crosstransmission of germs and is sterile. Provides consistently accurate temperature readings to get patient assessment. Easy to read and simple to understand. Versatile thermometer can be used to take axilla or oral temperatures, gives a reading and Lets You check patient vital signs simultaneously with fever. Disposable to eliminate time and labor spent on recalibration, disinfection, recharging and repair of tympanic and digital units, and remove cost and risk associated with toxic mercury cleanup and disposal. This thermometer is not made a choice for patients of all ages by any Chance of poisonous mercury exposure.

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