Hydrogen Water Side Effects

The issue is that the hydrogen in water is not very accessible to the cells in our bodies. That’s because “free” hydrogen (hydrogen molecules not bound to other molecules) is relatively unusual and, being a light gas, vaporizes quickly, Dr. Nakao said. The point of hydrogen-enriched water is to supply hydrogen that is much easier for our cells to use. Hydrogen-rich water is produced through an easy chemical reaction– when a ceramic stick containing metallic magnesium is positioned in a bottle of plain water, the magnesium elicits a response that constantly generates hydrogen.

Most radiation-induced symptoms are thought to be associated with increased oxidative stress and swelling, due to the generation of reactive oxygen types (ROS) throughout radiotherapy, and may considerably impact the client’s quality of life (QOL).

Molecular hydrogen (liquify in water) can be administered as a healing medical gas, has selective ANTIoxidant( molecular hydrogen (water) neutralizes only bad complimentary radicals while supporting the useful ones) & ANTIinflammatory (molecular hydrogen( water )lowers swelling in tisues) residential or commercial properties.

Drinking liquids(i.e.: water) with dissolved molecular hydrogen represents a novel technique of molecular hydrogen gas shipment that is quickly translatable into clinical practice, with helpful results for a number of medical conditions, including atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cognitive disability throughout aging and in Parkinson’s disease. Cancer clients receiving radiotherapy frequently experience fatigue and impaired quality of life (QOL). Lots of negative effects of radiotherapy are thought to be related to increased oxidative stress and swelling due to the generation of reactive oxygen species during radiotherapy.

How hydrogen works
You no doubt recall that a molecule of water, or H2O, consists of one atom of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen. In our bodies, hydrogen functions as an antioxidant, assisting to avoid cell damage and swelling, secure DNA and fight out-of-control cell development.

A randomized, placebo-controlled study was performed to evaluate the results of drinking hydrogen- rich water on 49 clients getting radiotherapy for deadly liver growths. Hydrogen-rich water was produced by positioning a metal magnesium stick into drinking water (final hydrogen concentration; 0.55 ~ 0.65 mM). The Korean variation of the European Company for Research and Treatment of Cancer’s QLQ-C30 instrument was used to examine international health status and QOL. The concentration of derivatives of reactive oxidative metabolites and biological antioxidant power in the peripheral blood were assessed.

The usage of hydrogen-rich water for 6 weeks decreased reactive oxygen metabolites in the blood and preserved blood oxidation potential. QOL scores during radiotherapy were substantially improved in clients treated with hydrogen-rich water compared to patients receiving placebo water. There was no distinction in growth response to radiotherapy between the 2 groups.

This is the first report showing the advantages of drinking molecular hydrogen water in liver cancer patients receiving radiation treatment for malignant tumors.
— Molecular hydrogen dissolved in water improved the QOL of (liver) cancer clients reciving radiotherapy
— Molecular hydrogen water alleviated oxidative tension marker during radiotherapy
— Molecular hydrogen water did Not jeopardize the radiation cancer treatment efficacies
– Molecular hydrogen water treatment did Not modify liver function or blood composition throughout radiotherapy

Daily usage of hydrogen-rich water is a possibly novel, restorative technique for improving QOL after radiation direct exposure. Intake of hydrogen-rich water decreases the biological response to radiation- induced oxidative tension without compromising anti-tumor impacts.

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