Ibanez AGB200

There’s something attracting about the look of an older, classic guitar well worn with battle scars, made throughout its years of difficult usage. Similar to a vintage leather coat or unusual antique home furnishings, it instantly feels comfy and sets a tone unlike anything brand new, straight off the rack. It’s this concept that motivated the brand-new Ibanez Artcore Vintage Series.

Its 2 covered humbucking pickups use a vast array of tones with increased tonal warmth. Its Gibrialtar III bridge combined with a Quick Change III tailpiece provides increased sustain and easy string changes. Ibanez basses have been utilized on some of modern-day rock’s most poignant albums of current years. The favored instruments of numerous awe inspiring bass gamers, among them Fieldy from Korn and Peter Iwers of In Flames, Ibanez Basses continue to be the first stop for experts and learners alike, no matter what musical genre they exist in.

Its 2 Classic Elite Bass pickups use a wide range of tones with increased tonal warmth. The Sure Grip III Knobs are developed for precise control with non-slip performance and timeless appearances. Its Gibrialtar III bridge integrated with a Quick Change III tailpiece offers increased sustain and simple string changes. Innovation Model Of Ibanez With A Semihorou Structure! Gibraltar Iii Bass Also Feel A Commitment In The Bridge And 3Pc Neck Structures, And The Like Playability Surface.

Ibanez AGB200 Includes:
– Neck type: 3pc Artcore Bass Mahogany/Maple neck
– Body: Maple top/back/sides
– Stresses: Medium worries
– Bridge: Gibraltar III bass bridge (19mm string spacing).
– Tailpiece: Quik Modification III bass tailpiece.
– Neck pickup: ACHB-2 neck.
– Bridge pickup: ACHB-2 bridge.
– Strings: D’Addario ® strings.
– Scale: 770mm/30.3″.
– Width at Nut: 42mm.
– Density at 1st fret: 21.5 mm.
– Density at 12th fret: 25mm.
– Radius: 305mm

Grab an Ibanez AGB200 semi-hollowbody 4-string electric bass and get the feel of an electrical bass plus abundant and woody acoustic tone Part of Ibanez’s Artcore Bass series, this set-neck bass gives you the dynamic sound of an all-maple body, the sustain of a mahogany neck, and the smooth feel of a rosewood fretboard. Bolstering its natural semi-hollowbody acoustics are a pair of humbucking pickups. The AGB200 is matched for any design of music that you play, and with its classy looks you can utilize it at whatever from bluegrass bar gigs to black-tie jazz shows. Get the big, warm, and natural tone you’ve been searching for with an Ibanez AGB200 semi-hollowbody bass guitar.

– Semi-acoustic body with maple top, back, and sides provides a naturally meaningful and brilliant tone. There’s no substitute for the naturally resonant and mellow sound of an electrical bass with a semi-acoustic body.Whether you’re playing rockabilly, blues, jazz, or any number of contemporary designs, you’re going to like the character the AGB200 semi-hollowbody bass guitar gives your music.

– Humbucking pickups deliver punchy bass. Ibanez basses are utilized in every design of music from metal to rock to jazz and nation. Grab the Ibanez AGB200 semi-hollowbody bass and discover the cool noise of this special bass.

– A neck designed to comfort and efficiency. The slightly-shorter 30″ scale of the Ibanez AGB200 is incredibly comfy to play. A set mahogany neck topped with a rosewood fretboard feels great thanks to its Artcore Bass neck profile.
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