Immunocal Platinum Side Effects

Immunocal is produced from cow’s milk’s protein, also is a natural food product. It is employed as a supplement to address glutathione deficiency in people diagnosed with ailments such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s and a suppressed immune reaction. As Immunocal assists in the production of glutathione, it improves the metabolic procedure, detoxifies the body of compounds, helps the immune system operate effectively, and helps maintain significant antioxidants in the body. Although Immunocal is used as a supplement and is deemed safe in most instances, it is not meant to cure any diseases.

Immunocal is a whey protein isolate prepared so as to supply a rich source of cysteine. After digestion, the cysteine stays as the secure type cystine (2 molecules of cysteine linked by disulfide bond) and glutamylcystine. After ingestion, these dipeptides travel in the blood stream and easily enter the cells to release cysteine that is free for intracellular glutathione synthesis. Immunocal can be regarded as a delivery system.

Added Benefits
1. Cytokine Modulating Proteins (CMP)
– Repairs cell damage.
– Promotes cell differentiation and development.
– Inhibit cell growth that is abnormal.
– Regulates inflammatory response in tissues and cells.

2. Redox Modulating Formula (RMF)
– For maximizing pH balance natural support.
– Slows and prevents calcium loss thus, ensuring stronger bones.
– Optimizes and maintains muscle function and strength.
– Optimum kidney function.

By reducing calcium loss immunocal Platinum is also a supply of the precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system also helps to keep proper muscle function and bone health.

Glutathione is essential for one simple reason. When we are overwhelmed with too many toxins or too much oxidative 13, problems occur. Then the glutathione becomes depleted and we can protect ourselves from cancer, infections, or free radicals and we can’t eliminate toxins. This also leads to further illness and soon we are from the downward spiral of chronic disease.

But that is not all. Glutathione is also critical in helping your immune system do its job of fighting with diseases and preventing cancer. That’s why studies demonstrate that it may assist in the treatment of AIDS. If you are not in peak shape or are old or sick, you probably have deficiency. In reality, the top British medical journal, the Lancet, found the glutathione levels in healthy people, lower levels in healthy elderly, lower in ill elderly and the lowest of all in the elderly. Our glutathione levels decrease 20-40 percent as we become older (individuals 40 decades and older have significantly lower rates of GSH.)

It’s crucial for inflammation that is controlling and function. It is the human body’s key antioxidant and the master detoxifier, protecting our cells and making our energy metabolism operate well.

Immunotech warns that Immunocal should not be used by people with an allergy to milk proteins and those undergoing immunosuppresive therapy. People following a protein-restricted diet will need to figure the 9 g of protein offered by each pouch of Immunocal. Bloating and abdominal cramps are occasional side effects along with also a rash is possible, however rare. Discontinue use of this product if a rash occurs. Doses that are largecan be toxic. Always consult with with your doctor before you begin to use any nutritional supplement. Gastrointestinal cramps if not rehydrated and bloating. Transient urticarial-like rash in people undergoing detoxification response that is severe. Rash abates when merchandise intake ceased or reduced.

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