Sentry Safe Combination Reset

Rather than writing your new blend down and keeping it in a secure area, you can save yourself money and time by registering your details online in the exceptionally secure website of Sentry Safe. As a barrier against unauthorized access, your user name and password act aside from the elaborate encryption protocols of the site. Once registered, you override details online and can access your password.

It’s always wise to reset the mixture once the door is open because it prevents the consumer from being locked out. To open the Sentry safe door, form the mill code given in the manual of the owner. This factory code can’t be altered.

How to Reset a Sentry Safe Combination
Updating the mixture to a safe provides security and helps eliminate access. Safes with manual combination locks must be changed by a qualified locksmith, but Sentry safes with digital locks allow for quick and effortless mix changes as often as desired.

Step 1
Open your Sentry safe by assessing the five-digit mill code (found in your owner’s guide) on the keypad. It is almost always a good idea to change your mixture while the safe is open, so that you don’t accidentally lock yourself out.

Step 2
Delete any present codes by pressing on the “P” key and entering the mill code, followed closely by “00000.” On older safes, press the “PROG” key and entering your mill code twice to delete obsolete codes.

Step 3
Press the “PROG” or “P” key again on your Sentry safe’s keypad.

Step 4
Put in the five-digit factory code of your safe.

Step 5
Input a five-digit code of your choosing. This is the user code. While the mill code can’t be altered, your user code could be changed as often as you would like, and that should be your code. Only you need to know the factory code of your safe.

Step 6
Retype the user code shut the safe, and then to verify it’s working. To confirm if the user code is working, retype it and then close the door of the safe. The user code will be the code for opening the safe, and users may reset it as frequently as they need.

How to Open a Sentry Safe With no Combination
All brand new Sentry mix safes can be started together with the standard 1,7,5,0,0 mill code. Re-program your protected with your code is an essential measure for maximum security.

Override Key
You can start your combination safe, if you can’t remember the combination of your digital lock.

– Remove shaped cover between the keypad and the knob
– Insert the override key to the key opening
– Turn the handle clockwise to open the doorway
– Replace the clip-on cover
– Combination Replacement
– Once you send the warrantee card with the serial number and your new code numbers you can access your left mix as follows: –
– Obtain a notarized statement of possession and fax or email it to Century Safe. Log in the Combo Recovery site, put in the model and serial number of your safe and visit the checkout page. After paying the fee, follow the confirmation instructions and await delivery. Standard orders are shipped within three to four business days. –
– 1 to 2 business days, Express delivery is available at an excess cost of $ 10 and takes.

Key Replacement
In case you’ve missed your override key, facsimile or email a notarized statement of ownership to Sentry Safe and then log into the Key Replacement website.

3-Digit Blend Safes without a Key Lock
You can open the safe as follows:
– Turn the dial.
– Spin the dial counterclockwise towards the left three revolutions. Stop on the number during every rotation and cease on the number after the rotation.
– Spin the dial clockwise to the right for cease and one revolution on the amount. Spin the dial one more revolution clockwise and then stop on the number.
– cease and Turn the dial counterclockwise to the left for one revolution on the number.
– Pull down the handle and open the safe.

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