Absolut Vodka vs Ciroc

There are various liquor or alcoholic beverages with different flavors and characteristics but vodka is arguably one of the most popular consumed in various places around the world. This beverage is also offered by so many different brands such as Absolut Vodka Vs Ciroc that are popular among vodka drinkers for different reasons but what’s certain is they are good options to try. If you wonder which of them will seem to fit in your palate the most, here is a short comparison about the brands.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Vodka
  • What are Absolut Vodka and Ciroc
  • How are the Flavor Collection of Absolut Vodka and Ciroc
  • What Absolut Vodka and Ciroc are Distilled from
  • How are the Making Process of Absolut Vodka and Ciroc
  • How are the Taste of Absolut Vodka and Ciroc 
  • Absolut Vodka Vs Ciroc

World Famous Vodka

People love to get drunk because it relaxes your mind and helps you forget whatever problem is happening at the moment for a while. It is not a cure for everything but can help us go through various different emotional situations and oftentimes being entertainment as well, especially among young people. However, many of them are also enjoyed as fine dishes for the taste and uniqueness because not all of them will deliver the same experience. Among the most popular choices, we are sure you agree that Vodka is everywhere.

There are not enough reasons to say that vodka is a unique drink but the reason why it is so popular is because of the lack of uniqueness itself which makes it a versatile base or combination of other ingredients or liquors. Most of us have gulped at least a shot of this liquor but experience varies depending on your preference. Vodka is a distilled beverage and as you may guess, it can be made from various ingredients that are rich in starch.

The original vodka comes from Russian origin is called a neutral grain spirit and they are distilled from grain but nowadays they can be made from other ingredients as well including potato that have become so popular in Poland and other regions with lots of its plantation. Other ingredients like corn and rye can be used as well since virtually it can be distilled from anything so if you see vodka made from beets or grapes, they are not impossible.

Vodka is also rectified spirit which means the beverage has to be distilled at least three times such as Ketel One Vs Smirnoff vodkas that are equally distilled with the amount but, you will also see some manufacturers adding numbers to it like 7X which is distilled seven times. This effort is meant to produce a vodka with a cleaner and smoother result and theoretically, this is true because in each distillation step, the head and tails are often removed and leaving the heart with cleaner and fewer impurities.

The process doesn’t end here because after distilling they will need to be filtered as well, usually through charcoal. Unlike wine, whiskey, tequila and many more, vodka is not aged and can be drunk straight away like Sake but, they are to be mixed with water first into a certain quantity or most often 40% (80 proof). In some brands they can make higher proof variants as well though less common such as Devil Spring (160 proof), Balkan 176 (176 proof), and Pincer Vodka (177.6 proof).

About Absolut Vodka and Ciroc

When it comes to vodka, the sky is your limit because besides named brands we still have lots of unfamiliar options that most people don’t know they exist. There are also options from different countries to try and see whether they are making a better vodka than the distillation in your home country. The choice is all yours because there is no bad vodka as long as you like it, we can go with any brand and yes, including the cheaper ones.

However, it is also true that spending a little bit more may also expose you to a new experience and probably you will like these new brands better. Preference matters the most when it is about our taste bud, similar with Vodka. Brands like Absolut Vodka and Ciroc are not new in the market and most are aware of their popularity; some may like one better and some may decide to stick with any other brands but, popular brands sure fuel curiosity and make you want to try them.

Both Absolut Vodka and Ciroc are not the cheapest brands you will find at the store because if you are on a budget then Smirnoff or UV and Pinnacle are probably the best bang for the buck. They are respectively at the $20 and $30 price range where you can ask more from the beverage and in our opinion where the safest bet is because they will most likely have a good impression but even if they are not, at least we are not wasting more than $40 for a bottle that we don’t enjoy.

We also think that the option of vodka relies on what you plan to use it for, because if it is for mixed drinks, they don’t have to be expensive, just decent is good as long as they don’t introduce a strange flavor into your beverage. On the other hand if you like to drink it straight or on the rocks, then we need to consider how it tastes as well since while in general they are clear and tasteless, vodka still has a different mouthfeel that sets them apart from each other.

Absolut Vodka and Ciroc Flavors

Originally vodka has no taste but it was all in the past now because chances are your favorite brands will have at least one or two variants in the product line because just one original flavor is boring and not convenient unless you will make the drink at home or prefer it straight. Absolut Vodka may not be as widely diverse like Smirnoff but has a lot to offer with its flavor added lines such as lime, citron, vanilla, peach, mango, apple, etc.

Ciroc is no different because this French brand is also extensively expanding its collection of flavored vodkas for drinkers who like a new twist to the beverage. It has a fruity collection besides the original line itself such as mango, apple, pineapple, peach, coconut, or vanilla. Not long ago they also released a limited edition variant made from white grapes for a more exquisite experience.

Absolut Vodka and Ciroc Ingredient

As it has been mentioned above, vodka can be made from almost anything but the most popular is probably grain and this is what Absolut Vodka is distilled from as well. The Swedish brand is using winter wheat that is growing in the Skane region of the country and planted during September while harvested in August. It is said to have higher starch than winter wheat from the opposite region which is rich in protein and heavier so the other type is more ideal for bread making.

On the other hand the French vodka Ciroc is distilled from grapes and yes, it is quite unusual and pretty unique compared to most popular brands. The grapes used here are “snap frost” or Muzac Blanc from the Gaillac region and Ugni Blanc from the Cognac region. Similar to wine, the juice from these grapes are fermented to produce alcohol.

Absolut Vodka and Ciroc Production

As for the production, vodkas are made in a similar manner regardless of the brand because they will include fermentation, distilling, and filtering process but, each step can vary depending on how the manufacturer designed the beverage to be. For example Absolut claims that they are using continuous distillation with columns in which each step of them are designed to remove impurities and purify the beverage or bring the alcohol up to a certain level. On the other hand Ciroc is claimed to be distilled 5 times.

All of these processes are meant to make a smoother beverage and to remove any harshness that common cheaper vodkas give but, in general, three times is enough and manufacturers also pay attention to the water it uses as it affects the final product too.

Absolut Vodka and Ciroc Taste

Now coming for the taste area, it will be highly subjective depending on how you like the beverage so people’s experience may vary. First about Absolut, this vodka is not only popular for the affordable price range but also for its versatility and being made from grain making it have probably the most subtle flavor as well but, for the mouthfeel it gives you this slightly sweet and oily texture which feels silky on the mouth.

As for Ciroc, this quite elegant vodka is probably what you want to have if drinking straight or on the rocks. It doesn’t mean you can make infuse or cocktail with them but the clean and fresh taste is already good when chilled. It is slightly sweet as well with raisin aroma and honey with citrus hints.

Absolut Vodka vs Ciroc

These vodka brands are great options if you are not used to what collections are available in the market. They are a safe bet for casual drinkers who want to enjoy their beverage with or without additional ingredients but there are distinct differences as Absolut is grain based while Ciroc is distilled from grape. The taste is very subtle but you can feel the herb hints on typical wheat vodka as well as its silky mouthfeel compared to fresh, crisp, and citrusy Ciroc.

Absolut Vodka Ciroc
- Sweden- French
- Winter wheat- Grapes
- Herb and silky- Crisp and citrusy
- Cheaper- More expensive


It is best to shop based on what you like better and between the two it is all about personal preferences. We do like both of them but prefer Ciroc for drinking straight and making cocktails because we like the refreshing texture.