Apple Cider vs Apple Juice

Apple Cider and Apple Juice are very similar to each other since they are made with the same ingredients as well as methods. Not only delicious, both of them are also said to bring so many benefit to our body. If you want to be healthier, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Apple Cider and Apple Juice
– How to Make Apple Cider and Apple Juice
– What Apple Cider and Apple Juice can offer to you
– Apple Cider vs Apple Juice

About Apple Cider
Apple Cider is a kind of beverage that was made from apple. In the United States and Canada, this beverage is also called as sweet cider, soft cider or simply cider. But you should not confuse it with cider that known in your place since every country may have their own definition of cider or another word to call the apple cider. Apple cider have a murky dirty yellow that doesn’t look appealing at all with slightly thick consistency and taste just like apple juice.

Chances are you can get Apple cider is most grocery stores if you are living in the United States or Canada, but for you who lived in other places finding it may not as easy. The beverage is commonly sold in glass bottles or jug in liquid form. Beside drank as it is, the beverage is commonly used to create another beverage combined with some other ingredients to create a unique flavor including some alcoholic beverages like Bourbon and Apple cider cocktail.

How to Make Apple Cider
If you are not a fan of store bought things, you may want to try making your own Apple cider at home by following this simple steps. First prepare all the ingredients you need; 10 apples, 33/4 cups white sugar, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, and 1 tablespoon ground allspice. Second, slice the apples into 4 part per apple and place them in a large stockpot with enough water to cover them all at least about 2 inches.

Third, pour sugar, cinnamon, and allspice then bring all ingredients to a boil uncovered for 1 hour. Fourth, cover the pot and simmer for 2 hours with reduced heat. Sixth, after the mixture cooled down, strain it with fine mesh sieve and strain again with cheesecloth and refrigerate until cold.

Apple Cider Benefit
Not only consume for the taste, Apple cider is also claimed to have numerous benefits for our body. Taken from livestrong according to Nutrition Journal, phenolics, flavonoids, and carotenoids are the substances in Apple cider that may play a key role in reducing instances of some chronic disease. Those who include apple in their daily diet are shown to have lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer as well as asthma. This also prove that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may be true.

Apple cider contains fiber that is beneficial for those who currently maintaining weight and heart health, but the fiber was mostly gone during the pressing process when making the cider. It also contains a small amount of iron that beneficial for your brain and blood function. In around 8 ounce glass of Apple cider there are approximately 2% of iron.

About Apple Juice
Apple Juice is a beverage that was made from apple through maceration and pressing method. This beverage is a very popular drink and drank by most people from all round the world. The liquid of commercial Apple Juice are clear with brownish yellow in color similar to those brewed black tea. It have a watery consistency with delicious and pleasant smell resembling an apple. The country with the most Apple Juice production including China, Poland, United States, and Germany.

Since Apple Juice is very popular, you may get your hand on the product in most places or countries. The beverage commonly comes in glass bottles, pet bottles, tetra packed or in pouch. In some country you may find Apple Juice in granulated instant form. Beside drank as it is, many people used apple juice to create another beverages whether it is cold or warm beverages. Some people also used it to enhance their juice taste to make it tastier.

How to Make Apple Juice
If you want your juice to be more natural than those store bought products, you can make your Apple Juice yourself at home by following these simple steps. First, prepare all the ingredients; 3 peels and cores from red apples with removed seeds, 5 cup of water, and ¼ cup white sugar. Second, place all the peeled apples and cores into a saucepan, pour the water and bring them to a boil then reduce the heat while stirring it occasionally until the water picks up the apple flavor and color for about 30 minutes.

Third, strain the mixture and pour the sugar until dissolved. Fourth, chill them first before drinking for best taste. For another natural products, check our recommendation on Apple Cider Vinegar vs Garcinia Cambogia here.

Apple Juice Benefit
Apple Juice not only delicious but it also bring so many benefit to our body. According to a research by University of Massachusetts, mice that was given with two glasses of apple juice per day shown to have decreased of beta-amyloid, which is a protein in brain that is responsible for the development of Alzheimer disease. Researchers from the German Cancer Research Center concluded that Apple Juice also effective in reducing the risk of colon, skin and breast cancers.

Another benefit you can get from consuming Apple or Apple Juice is it may reduce Asthma Symptoms in children. European Respiratory Journal reported that those children who drink apple juice once a day experience decreases in wheezing frequency. However, instead of clear Apple Juice in grocery stores, it is better to choose those cloudy or murky apple juice, which we called Apple cider, since it has higher amount of polyphenols that is beneficial to help body fight free radicals.

Now, let’s compare Apple cider with Apple Juice. Both of them are made with the same ingredients and also have similar benefit. What makes them different is only the fact that commercial Apple Juice is treated by enzymatic and centrifugal clarification to remove its starch and pectin to get those clear consistency. Some commercial Apple Juice also treated by dehydration process to create a concentrate. Apple cider is said to have more polyphenols than clarified Apple Juice.

Apple Cider vs Apple Juice
Apple CiderApple Juice
- Is murky in color- Is clear in color
- Not as popular as Apple Juice- One of the most popular fruit beverages
- Made through shorter process than Apple Juice- Made through longer process than Apple cider
- Said to have more polyphenols- Contains less polyphenols

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Since they are already processed there are many beneficial substance that was lost during those process and making them less beneficial. If benefit is what you are looking for, raw apple and Apple Cider should be the best option, but if taste is what you are looking for both are equally delicious depend on your taste.