Camarena Tequila vs Patron

Tequila is one of the most popular liquor in the world originated from Mexico and just like all liquors, this alcoholic drink varies greatly from brand to brand after you choose which one you want first like blanco, reposado or anejo. In today Camarena Tequila vs Patron article, we are going to give you more information regarding what you can expect from both of these brands. If one/both of these brands took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Tequila
– What are Camarena Tequila and Patron
– How to make Camarena Tequila and Patron
– Camarena Tequila vs Patron

About Tequila
Tequila is a popular drink that was created from the blue agave plant that grow primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila and in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico. Blue agave is a type of agave with its centers contains high concentrations of fructose, which makes is suitable for a preparation of alcoholic beverage. In its origin, the liquor is traditionally served neat or drink just as it is without added or mixed with anything. It is also popular drank as a shot with salt and lime across many places.

Tequila History
The creation of the drink date backs in the 16th century near the location of the city of Tequila created by the Spanish conquistadors when they began distilling agave because of they ran out of their own brandy. In present day, well-known manufacturers are usually owned by multinational corporations even though some of them remained as family brands. In 2012, the latest version of tequila standard is updated to specify the silver class of this drink cannot contain additive, so the aging time can be displayed in the label. Read also: Tequila vs Whiskey here.

Tequila Making
Tequila commonly made with a standard method from the harvesting until packing. After the core of the blue agave plant is harvested they are going to be transported into ovens to slowly bake them. After they are baked, these cores are shredded and mashed to extract the juice, which then poured into either large wooden or large stainless steel vats for several days to ferment. This fermentation created a wort with low alcohol content that then distilled twice to create the popular clear silver tequila.

Tequila Types
Besides the silver or blanco, tequila may come in an abundant array of colors depend on the aging process as well as the type of wood used for the storage. If the clear/silver tequila follows little to none aging process, the second type called gold, joven or oro tequila is a mix or silver with grains alcohols and caramel colors. However, some higher end gold tequila might be a mix of silver and reposado.

Reposado itself is aged tequila in wooden containers that should last between 2 months to 3 years to increase and enhance the taste and aroma. The final product will give the liquor a slightly golden color. You also can differentiate the taste between those made from lowland and highland agave plants because highlands will yield sweeter and fruitier taste while lowland will give the drink an earthy flavor.

About Camarena
Camarena is one of the most well-known/popular brand of tequila in the market. The drink is still manufactured by the same family for six generations now. They offer both silver and reposado; the clear drink have fresh herbs, and vibrant citrus notes with sweet vanilla taste and finish with savory brown as well as black pepper while the reposado that means rested has sweet toasted agave and soft spice notes, soft and smooth on the palate taste with a lingering vanilla and caramel finish.

Camarena Tequila Making
The Camarena brand boasts their drinks that produced from 100% weber agave plants, which is grown in the highland in Los Altos at an elevation of nearly 8000 feet. Even though many people think that the plant is a member of cactus family, in fact it is actually more closely related to lilies, which is why when they are grown at a higher altitudes with a milder climate and in rich red earth, it will makes the final drink taste full, fruity, and has slightly herbal flavor.

They also claimed to made their drink with 100% agave, use hands-on method production where the agave is harvested with hands without any additional chemical in the making process.

About Patron
Patron is probably the most known brand of tequila and they are indeed deserve the status. Their flagship product is the silver tequila that don’t aged at all in a crystal clear liquid. However, the company also made another type of tequila, including reposado, anejo and extra anejo. The silver has fruits and citrus aroma with smooth and sweet taste as well as light pepper finish. The reposado has a light amber tint with oak wood and fresh agave aroma, fresh agave and oak with notes of fruit citrus and honey taste while finish with light floral and vanilla.

If reposado means “rested”, anejo means “aged”, so it is fermented longer than reposado. Patron anejo has a warm amber color and has an aroma of oak wood with vanilla and raisins. In taste it has oak wood with notes of vanilla, raisin and honey while for the finish it has caramel and smoky notes. There is Extra anejo that comes in a bright, dark gold color and have an aroma like dry fruits, vanilla and light banana. For the taste, it is fruity with notes of light agave, honey and vanilla taste while having oak, vanilla and dry fruits finish.

Patron Tequila Making
Patron also use hands-on method where their Jimadors carefully selected Weber agave that already ripen, so the ones used for the drink is only those with optimal sugar content and then these agave cores are baked slowly in a small brick ovens, so they are cooked evenly. After they are cooked, they will be crushed by a two ton volcanic stone and a roller mill to extract the liquid. Depend on the tequila types, for silver they will be fermented for 3 days while reposado and anejo will take much longer before bottling.

Now, let’s compare Camarena with Patron. Both are well-known brand but in terms of popularity, Patron is still winning with its silver tequila. From the tequila types, Patron also offer a wider variants with Anejo and Extra Anejo besides the silver and Reposado while Camarena only offer Silver and Reposado. Camarena silver has fresh green herbs and vibrant citrus aroma while Patron has fruits and citrus aroma. From the taste, Camarena silver has vanilla sweet taste while Patron has smooth and sweet taste.

In Finish, Camarena silver has soft warming finish, savory brown spices and black pepper and Patron has light pepper finish. In the Reposado type, Camarena has sweet, toasted agave, soft spice while Patron has oak wood and fresh agave aroma. In the taste Camarena is smooth and soft on the palate while Patron has fresh agave and oak with notes of fruits, citrus and honey. In the finish, Camarena is soft with a lingering vanilla and caramel taste while Patron has light floral and vanilla finish.

Camarena Tequila vs Patron

- Family-owned- Owned by Bacardi
- Offer Silver and Reposado- Offer a wider tequila types
- Fresh green herbs, vibrant citrus notes (silver)- Fruits and citrus aroma (silver)
- Sweet vanilla taste (silver)- Smooth and sweet taste (silver)
- Soft warming finis with savory brown spices and black pepper finish (silver)- Light pepper finish (silver)
- More affordable- More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally tasty depend on your preference. If you are not sure yet, you should try them one by one and see which brand offer the drink that matched your taste buds.