Cellucor Whey Vs Gold Standard

Living things like humans get their nutrition from the solid and liquid food they consume. A Balanced diet is often said to be the key to avoid many modern diseases but sometimes you may need additional supplementation to achieve something such as protein for muscle building and energy. There are plenty of protein beverages out there such as Cellucor Whey Vs Gold Standard that are designed to improve your body. If you also wonder which of them will be the better choice, do check our comparison below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Whey Protein
  • What are Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard
  • How Many Variants Offered by Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard
  • What Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard are made of
  • How are the Nutritional Value of Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard
  • Cellucor Whey Vs Gold Standard

Whey Protein

There are so many different methods to stay healthy and because health is extremely important for one to enjoy their life, we put so much effort in order to improve health or to stay healthy in the long run. Paying for medication and health service is not cheap which is why rather than curing, it is always best to prevent the sickness if possible. Nowadays, there are plenty of products and information regarding how we can improve our health or supplement to avoid various modern diseases.

There is no guarantee that our effort will result in what we want but we never know without trying. If you have no health concern, we can also use various diets or supplements to address some issues, including to be fitter. When talking about fitness and supplement, whey protein is almost always mentioned together and this is because so many people are including the beverage in their diet. Seeing it as a booster to their selection of food and intense workout.

Whey protein is not something new and most people have them in certain forms already as the protein comes from milk. If you ever have yogurt and see a watery liquid on top, this is called liquid whey but the type that most people consume directly is the powdered form. Whey is actually the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained to make yogurt. We are sure many of us can try making it at home as well for the minimum supply required.

In this form, the liquid seems like a waste that has no function nor benefits but it is actually very beneficial for your body. It is known that whey protein is a source of protein and is very concentrated as well. It comes with good bacteria or probiotics which is more natural compared to bottled probiotic drinks like Yakult Vs Cimory. For those who are avoiding fat, whey also has no fat and the probiotic will aid digestion for a healthy stomach.

However, just like with milk, not all people can drink whey protein and if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, commercial whey protein is not an ideal option. But, for those who can eat animal products, there is protein powder that is lactose-free through certain processes to make sure we can avoid the symptoms. For vegan users, we can’t drink regular milk based whey but pea protein or hemp and pumpkin seed protein can be a great alternative. The amount of nutrients can differ however, so we should adjust the dosage accordingly.

About Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard

Most people can drink or consume milk based products without problem and commercial whey protein is abundantly available out there. They are mostly similar to each other and the product itself is not new anymore in the consumer market yet, they are continuously getting improvement that makes the powder even more enjoyable to take. In terms of formulation most of them are also similar but serving size and nutritional value may differ from one brand or one variant to another.

With the huge options comes high freedom as well because you can choose which seems to fit in your preference better. Chances are we love to have those that are not only beneficial but also tasty yet, what tasty means can differ among users. If you want to save time, we can try asking what our friends are drinking or see what popular brands like Cellucor and Optimum Nutrition are offering in their products collection. Personally we tend to buy well-known whey because they are more trusted with quality.

Both are famous brands so you can be more at ease about the safety as other people have tried them before and being the favorite of many means they also work. Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition are good options if you want to start consuming whey protein to help with muscle building. You can find lots of different whey protein in their catalog and each one of them are also focusing on different purposes so we can match with what we want to achieve.

These variants we are talking about today are the popular Cor-Performance and Gold Standard 100% whey with the main purpose to aid your training. They are promising to be made from high-quality ingredients, only the best to supply your body with important nutrition in order to strive and perform better. We also like them for the taste and while no whey protein will taste as great as milkshake, we can still enjoy them with additional fruit or milk to create a more delicious beverage.

Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard Variants

As it has been mentioned above, most whey protein brands are designing different formulations for different purposes so you will find lots of other similar protein sources from Cellucor or Optimum Nutrition. The Cor-Performance from Cellucor is inside the aminos and protein shake collection which are designed as protein supplement and post-workout drink for people who want the best result and optimum performance. There are more in this collection but in general they are nutrients needed to enhance your result.

Similarly, Optimum Nutrition also has lots in the catalog and Gold Standard is just one of the most well-known. The sample we talk about today is the common whey powder but if you are busy, this specific supplement is also available in a ready to drink carton package. What’s interesting is the brand does have a 100% plant based protein made from pea, brown rice, and sacha inchi for vegan and lactose intolerance users. In addition, there are Gold Standard Isolate and Casein, Performance specific, and powder for muscle recovery.

Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard Ingredients

Just like with anything we consume, it is important to check what they are made of because then we can know the benefit and if you are avoiding any of them. Starting with Cellucor, this protein shake is made with whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, as well as various other artificial and flavoring such as the chocolate flavor which is added with cocoa powder. For Optimum Nutrition Gold Nutrition, it is also made from whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides.

Whey protein is made from milk and before being processed, milk contains 20% of protein whey while the rest 80% is made of casein which is also the protein of milk but is slower to digest. Whey and casein are considered high-quality proteins as they contain all the amino acids needed by the body. The common ingredients used in protein shake like Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard are whey isolate and whey concentrate. However, they are different due to the processing difference.

When milk is processed to make cheese or yogurt, it will follow several processing steps to increase the protein content. After the sufficient protein concentration is achieved, the liquid then can be dried and transforms into powder that contains up to 80% protein. After different processing is done and resulting in 90% or more protein by weight, this product is called whey isolate while the previous 80% protein is called whey concentrate.

In Gold Standard whey by Optimum Nutrition, there is also additional whey protein called whey peptides. It is a supplement from dairy milk and contains strings of amino acids which are linked together by peptide bonds. These bonds of amino acids are what build the protein in the human body.

Cellucor Whey and Gold Standard Nutritional Value

The last part we want to talk about is their nutritional value but here both of them are also similar to each other. In each serving of these protein shakes, there are 120 calories and each serving consists of around 30 grams. Each serving of these protein powder has 120% or 1.5 grams of total fat, 35 grams of cholesterol, and 3-4 grams of carbohydrate. They are also served just like any protein beverage so we can mix them with water or with milk and other ingredients like bananas or other fruits.

Cellucor Whey Vs Gold Standard

Both protein shakes are made from high quality ingredients and are ideal for people who want to increase their protein intake or to nourish their body. We can also consume them in the morning to make a quick breakfast and stay energized during the day. Taste wise the two are not the best but still can be mixed with other ingredients to taste better. In comparison they have the same calorie and fat or a total protein of 24 grams per serving.

Cellucor WheyGold Standard
- Less expensive- Expensive
- Whey concentrate & whey isolate- Whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey peptides
- 4 flavors options- Lots of flavors


All in all, these protein shakes are beneficial for your progress and will help the protein intake in case your diet is not enough. In comparison, Gold Standard is more expensive so we recommend to try the Cellucor Whey and see whether it works for you.