Essentia Vs Alkaline 88

Alkaline water like Essentia Vs Alkaline 88 are very popular for their unique taste and possible benefits. These bottled water are great options for increasing daily hydration or trying something different but as healthy as regular water. For those interested in trying these water, you may want to know what they can offer and how they taste below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Drink More Water
  • What are Essentia and Alkaline 88
  • How are the Packaging of Essentia and Alkaline 88
  • What are the Ingredients of Essentia and Alkaline 88
  • How is the Taste of Essentia and Alkaline 88
  • What are the Benefits of Essentia and Alkaline 88
  • How is the Experience with Essentia and Alkaline 88
  • Essentia Vs Alkaline 88

Drinking More Water

Your body needs proper hydration, and regular water is a great way to supply it. It is cheap and effective, but not everyone is drinking enough. The body requires water to do its bodily process, such as regulating temperature, and over time dehydration can affect your overall health. If you find it hard to drink enough water every day, here are some simple tips for drinking more:

  1. The main reason people don’t drink water is that they are boring. Plain water doesn’t have any taste, and if your taste buds are used to flavored things, the water may seem not very attractive. Thus, try flavoring it with fruits like lemon, limes, and oranges. Make infused water that is pleasant to see and enjoyable to consume.
  2. Combine it with a routine that you often do throughout the day, such as brushing teeth, eating, using the bathroom, or every time you need to pick up the phone and use social media. It will be easy to build a habit that helps you drink more.
  3. If you are not a fan of drinking water in general, try eating it. Many fruits and vegetables are rich in water, such as watermelon, pears, berries, and leafy greens. Green salad with cucumbers and lettuce is not only delicious and healthy but also supplies water to your body.
  4. If you can spend some, try investing in a high-tech tracking bottle. There are options for a water bottle that can remind you when to drink and track the intake throughout the day.
  5. Bring your water bottle to your activity. Sometimes clean water may be difficult to find or challenging enough, so it is wise to have one nearby. There are plenty of interesting, cute, and cool water bottles that can elevate your mood.

About Essentia and Alkaline 88

Drinking enough water is easy but can be challenging for some. Water is a crucial supply, and the fact that our body is mainly made up of water should mirror how important it is to drink enough every day. The business around water is also blooming as it is a primary need, but over time it shifts towards what’s more interesting than mineral or spring water. Springwater still has its charms, but nowadays, people are all about alkaline water with a suggestion of added benefits.

But, note that alkaline water is not a cure but more similar to a supplement. There is no guarantee that they will make you healthier beyond what regular water can offer, but they are also safe to consume and may improve your hydration. With the water becoming trendy, many new brands are also sprouting in the market, and some of them are Essentia and Alkaline 88. We are sure most people are familiar with these brands because they are pretty famous and accessible.

The main difference between Essentia and Alkaline 88 is their alkaline level which also affects the taste of the water. What makes the Alkaline 88 unique is that it contains Himalayan salt to control the electrolyte. Both options are made of purified water and are generally safe to drink for the primary and most ingredients. We don’t see any noticeable difference in overall health but immediate hydration, so we think they will be great to improve water intake.

While not the same, the taste is also not far different. Overall we like their texture, especially when cold. Still, we don’t think their taste is as enjoyable as fizzy water or soda for you who already like drinking water.

Essentia and Alkaline 88 Packaging

Packaging may not affect the taste of the water and what’s inside, but it is undoubtedly effective to market the product. You can guess who the product is focused on from the design. For example, Essentia, with its medicine-like fashion, appears like professional help and an effective solution. The Alkaline 88 is more subtle and simple with a clean, typical water bottle-looking design. We recommend checking Life Water in Essentia Vs Life Water here if you pay attention to the design.

You can find Essentia and Alkaline 88 in varying bottle sizes. Essentia added 500mL size last year to its established 12 oz., 20 oz., 700mL, 1L, and 1.5L variants. The Alkaline 88 is available at 500mL, 700mL, 1L, 1.5L, 2L, and 3L bottles. Price may vary depending on where you buy them, but Essentia is often slightly more expensive. The 700mL water bottle uses a sports cap, which is excellent if you do an outdoor activity or exercise for higher convenience.

Essentia and Alkaline 88 Ingredients

The most crucial part of buying something, especially for anything we consume, is its ingredients. Most bottled water purifies it through reverse osmosis processes, including Essentia and Alkaline 88. The main ingredient is this purified water, whose pH level is modified using electrolytes. Essentia contains a trace amount of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, dipotassium phosphate, and calcium chloride. On the other hand, the Alkaline 88 contains 5mg of sodium from pink Himalayan rock salt for a more natural taste.

Reverse osmosis is a prevalent method to purify water, and it is very effective in removing impurities. The process works using a high-pressure pump to increase pressure on the water and then force it through a semipermeable membrane. This process leaves around 95% to 99% of impurities, and it can be done repeatedly until the desired result is achieved. The minerals are then added again into the water before packing.

Essentia and Alkaline 88 Taste

Besides the ingredients, many of us drink alkaline water for the taste. The best thing about alkaline water for hydration is that it can taste slightly different from regular water but is still very healthy to consume. They don’t contain sugar or artificial flavoring, so there are no calories. The taste of alkaline water varies depending on its pH level and what’s in it. What makes Essentia very popular is the unique crispness which makes it appealing for many people.

Unlike regular water, which usually tastes smooth, there is a crispness and cleanliness on Essentia. The texture will probably remind you of clear grain vodka and is very satisfying to drink. On the other hand, the Alkaline 88 is quite different. The salt is very subtle, but you may be able to taste it, which makes the water go down smooth. It probably tastes like some plain electrolytes water due to the salt, so the Alkaline 88 will taste a bit similar if you often drink electrolytes water.

Essentia and Alkaline 88v Benefits

The hype about alkaline water is related to the benefits because we eat acidic foods and drink acidic drinks. Alkaline water is supposed to balance the pH level in our body for better health. Some suggest that it can prevent cancer, yet there is not enough research to prove the advantage of drinking alkaline water beyond regular water. However, there are also interesting studies that suggest alkaline water can be helpful for some people. Alkaline water may help deactivate pepsin to reduce acid reflux.

There are also more recent studies conducted on 100 people. The study found a significant difference between the whole blood viscosity in people who consume high-pH water after a strenuous workout compared to those who drank regular water. People who drank alkaline water have reduced viscosity by 6.3% compared to 3.3% with normal water. Reduced viscosity, in general, is good because it helps water flow more efficiently throughout the body.

Essentia and Alkaline 88 Experience

We don’t think drinking one or two bottles of Essentia and Alkaline 88 will significantly affect your body. Besides the slightly different taste, they work like regular water, but it probably requires an extended trial to see the benefits of drinking alkaline water. They are great to improve hydration if you are bored with regular water. The slight difference in taste may help you drink more, especially if you aren’t fond of normal water. You can improve hydration and see results like healthier skin, better focus, and improved digestion.

Essentia Vs Alkaline 88

Both Essentia and Alkaline 88 are good solutions to make you drink more water, but they are no cure for health issues. The main difference between Essentia and Alkaline 88 is their ingredients and taste. The Alkaline 88 contains or uses Himalayan salt water to improve the taste naturally, and as opposed to Essentia’s crisp taste, this drinking water is smoother. Both don’t taste like regular tap water but are safe to consume and equally helpful to improve hydration.

EssentiaAlkaline 88
- Crisp and clean- Smooth
- Traces of minerals- Contains Himalayan salt
- Slightly more expensive- Often more affordable
- 9.5 pH level- 8.8 pH level


It is wise to choose based on your preference. They taste a bit different, and you may like Essentia or Alkaline 88 better. We recommend trying Essentia because the texture is quite different, and you may be interested in trying it. The water contains traces of minerals and is a fun alternative to regular drinking water.