Essentia Vs Life Water

Water is necessary to sustain life, but premium bottled water like Essentia Vs Life Water is often better to hydrate your body. This water has a higher pH level than our regular tap or drinking water, making them more effective for hydration. The two are pretty similar but different, so if you wonder which to go for, let’s see below what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Drinking Enough Water is Important
  • What are Essentia and Life Water
  • How are the Packaging of Essentia and Life Water
  • How is the Taste of Essentia and Life Water
  • How are the Ingredients of Essentia and Life Water
  • What are the Benefits of Essentia and Life Water
  • How is the Experience with Essentia and Life Water
  • Essentia Vs Life Water

Water Importance

Humans, animals, and plants need water to sustain their life, and it highlights how important drinking enough water is throughout the day. If you often forget to get the hydration, it is wise to carry your water bottle or to make sure it is always within a reachable distance, and you can see it. This method is very effective in reminding you to take a gulp. Our body can also tell that it needs water by feeling thirsty, difficult to concentrate, or dry lips.

Drinking enough water is crucial because our body functions require it to perform properly. The water is helpful to regulate body temperature and moisten tissues in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Water protects the body’s organs and tissues while carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells. It will lubricate your joints reduce the burden on kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products. It will help your body dissolve minerals and nutrients to make them available for the body to utilize.

Even if you are not a very active person, the average human loses water through several natural bodily processes such as breathing, sweat, urine, and bowel movement. It is crucial to get enough water to help our body function properly. Not only do plain water we drink throughout the day, but we can also get water from food such as soup, watery fruits, and beverages. Each person may need a different amount of water every day depending on the activity level, but it is recommended for women to drink at least 11.5 cups and men 15.5 cups per day.

About Essentia and Life Water

For some people drinking enough water is not an issue because they are already used to but some people don’t drink enough. It can be because they are not used to the habit or because plain water doesn’t look as attractive as flavored beverages like soft drinks. There is always a method to help you drink more water, such as opting for healthier flavored drinks like Spindrift Vs IZZE. But, there is also alkaline water which contains minerals for added benefits.

Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH level as opposed to acidic water that is low in pH. The water has been trendy for quite some time, and you can find them coming from varying brands out there. Some of them are also launched by large beverage companies like Coca-Cola. Alkaline water is an excellent way to improve your hydration, and they are accessible for more to try. The difference between companies and water bottles is usually not very noticeable.

Some of the most popular alkaline water to try are Essentia and Life Water, marketed for people who want to get more from their drinking water. They are equally alkaline, meaning they are also higher in pH. The Life Water comes from the Beverage giant Pepsi and is very popular for its taste because this one is very similar to your regular drinking water. It comes in a simple bottle with a beautiful graphic design that separates it from your typical bottled water.

On the other hand, Essentia is another famous alkaline water that has been around for quite some time. The most noticeable difference between Essentia and Life Water is the pH level because it is typically higher than the latter. This makes the water taste different than our regular tap water, and this significant difference also makes the water preferred by people, especially if you like clean and crisp flavor.

Essentia and Life Water Packaging 

Packaging is necessary to maintain product quality, but the design is an essential part of the marketing strategy. Sometimes, the packaging itself lures buyers to try a product they are unfamiliar with or continue consuming and using them. The Essentia and Life Water are pretty different here, with Essentia adopting a more serious, medical-esque look while Life Water is on the artistic, modern, and contemporary look. Life Water is arguably more attractive, especially with the slim bottle design.

Like most bottled drinks, they come in several sizes. Life Water is available in 500mL, 700mL, 1 liter, and 1.5 liters. Essentia is also available in varying sizes from 12 oz., 20 oz., 500mL, 700 mL, 1 L, and 1.5L bottles. Essentia is usually around $2 for the 1 liter bottle and $1.6 for the 700mL, while Life Water is usually about $1.1 for the 700ml bottle and $1.3 for the 1L bottle if you buy in packs.

Essentia and Life Water Ingredients

Let’s see what Essentia and Life Water are made of because they are not just regular water. Starting with Essentia, this water is made of purified water and electrolytes in trace amounts for the taste. You can find sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, and calcium chloride. It is virtually identical to Life Water which is also made of purified water and enriched with electrolytes magnesium sulfate and potassium bicarbonate. There are no added flavorings to the water, and the purified water is through reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis itself is a method to purify water by demineralizing it. The process puts the water under pressure and pushes it through a semi-permeable membrane. This method is safe and very effective in cleaning the water from a typical water source before it is bottled.

Essentia and Life Water Taste

Besides the composition, what makes people love alkaline water is their taste. Note that what meets your preference may be different, so we recommend trying them yourself to see whether these waters taste great. The Essentia and Life Water are not far different from regular drinking or mineral water but not identical at the same time. The most noticeable difference is probably the “texture” of the water. Essentia’s typical pH level is at least 9, which is pretty high than Life Water at 6.4 to 7.4.

Regular water pH level is usually around 7, which explains why Life Water tastes almost identical to normal bottled water. This brand is probably best if you dislike any new taste or want water to taste like water. It is smooth and refreshing like most mineral waters. The Essentia is quite different because it is crisper. Usually, we use “crisp” when talking about fizzy water, but there is a sense of cleanliness and edge. Many say it reminds them of vodka, and we agree with it.

The high pH gives this water a clean feeling and is unique among other alkaline water we have seen. We highly recommend trying it at least once to see whether you like it or not because the texture is different, and if you like the taste of vodka, it is almost a guarantee that you will like this water.

Essentia and Life Water Benefits

We consider alkaline water like Essentia and Life Water as another option to hydrate the body, so we don’t get stuck with the boring tap water. But, are there any additional benefits that make alkaline water better? They are probably better because of the added minerals but not significantly affecting your body. Some claim that alkaline water regulates the body’s pH level, but our body can do this automatically with regular water.

There is not enough research to prove these claims both by the users and manufacturers. However, some interesting studies suggest alkaline water, especially those higher than 8.8, can help deactivate pepsin, which causes acid reflux. A study also suggests alkaline ionized water may help people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. One of the most recent studies shows it helps blood viscosity among people who do strenuous workouts.

Essentia and Life Water Experience  

In real life, drinking a bottle or two of Essentia and Life Water will not affect your health significantly compared to regular water. They do taste slightly different, especially the Essentia, so we think if you don’t drink enough water because they are boring and you need something more interesting, the two can be a good solution. They are as good as regular water, and the bottles look attractive, especially the Life Water, so it may increase your water intake throughout the day.

Essentia Vs Life Water

Both Essentia and Life Water are good solutions for you who don’t drink enough water because regular water is boring. They taste clean, but Essentia has a higher pH level than Life Water, making it crisper and cleaner. It is excellent if you like the taste of vodka and the edge. But, if you prefer something resembling regular water, Life Water tastes like most mineral and bottled water. Price-wise, Essentia is more expensive, but Life Water has a much better package design.

EssentiaLife Water
- More expensive- Cheaper
- Higher in pH level- Lower in pH level
- Crisp and clean- Taste like regular water
- Standard bottle design- More attractive bottle design


The decision is all yours, but we think Essentia and Life Water are helpful to improve your hydration. We recommend Life Water if you want something that tastes like regular drinking water and Essentia if you prefer something crisper or have a prominent texture.