Frappuccino vs Latte

Modern coffee shops have defined a new lifestyle that is followed by many young people. However, some of them may introduce new ‘coffee drinks’ that make the coffee world even more confusing for a beginner. One of the latest trends is frappuccino, which is loved by many people. This article will help you understand the differences between frappuccino vs latte.

Below, you can learn more about:
– What are frappuccino and latte,
– The distinctive features of frappuccino vs latte,
– The different types or variants of frappuccino and latte,
– The nutrition in each drink, and
– Which drink that is more recommended for a true coffee enthusiast.

About Frappuccino
Unlike latte and cappuccino (see our previous post about Frappuccino vs Cappuccino here), frappuccino does not refer to a specific type of coffee drink. Instead, frappuccino is a trademarked brand which belongs to the Starbucks Corporation. It is a line of iced, blended beverages. Although it has many coffee beverages, it also has many non-coffee variants which use a syrup or sauce as the base.

Well, let’s take a look at the coffee beverages first. A frappuccino is typically made from a coffee drink for the base and ice. The combination is blended together and then topped with some whipped cream. There are various additional ingredients that you can add to the drink. You can add some chocolate or caramel syrup to the top. It may also be mixed with another fruit base.

For sure, frappuccino is a very tasty and refreshing drink. It has become a very popular line that is loved especially by young people. In the wake of frappuccino’s success, other companies have developed their own similar drinks. Frappuccino is also sold in bottles, which you can find in many vending machines and grocery stores.

Variants of Frappuccino
There are many variants of frappuccino. The customer may ask for a frappuccino drink with a decaffeinated base, which is nice if you need to reduce your caffeine intake. There are also non-dairy alternatives which use soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk.

Frappuccino Blended Crème drinks have very little or no caffeine at all. Included in this group are Crème Frappuccino, Caramel Crème, Mocha Crème, Vanilla Bean Crème, and Strawberries Crème. You can use any syrup or sauce to make a custom drink. There were juice blends too, but they have been discontinued. You can find the complete list of frappuccino beverages from Starbucks here.

The customer may ask for various modifications. You can ask for a specific consistency by ordering light or extra ice. You may also ask for additional shots of espresso, flavored syrups, flavored powders, or chocolate chips. Note that an addition may have an additional surcharge.

Nutrition of Frappuccino
Despite being tasty and flavorful, frappuccino is not exactly a nutritious drink. Usually, a frappuccino drink comes with a very high amount of sugar. This is especially true for a drink with lots of sauces, syrups, and powders. It has little to no other nutrients. Some drinks with fruit syrups may have trace vitamins and minerals, but the levels are hardly significant.

Frappuccino vs latte is bad for people who need to reduce their sugar intake. Drinking it every once in a while is fine, but drinking it frequently may risk health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

About Latte
On the other hand, latte is a valid type of coffee drink. Latte is actually the short for “caffe latte”, which is an Italian term for “milk coffee”. Of course, it originated in Italy. It is made from espresso that is mixed with steamed milk. Hence, it has a distinctive flavor and texture. The coffee flavor is noticeable yet toned down by the milk, and the texture is smooth.

Latte has many equivalent variants. If the coffee shop is channeling French coffee drinks, it is known as café au lait. Meanwhile, if the coffee shop is channeling Spanish coffee drinks, it is known as café con leche. In Portuguese, it is café com leite.

A typical serving of latte comes in a 240-ml cup or glass. It is quite easy to make. First of all, pour a standard shot of espresso into the cup. Then, add hot steamed milk until the cup is almost full. Finally, although this is more optional than obligatory, you can add a thin layer of milk foam to the top. The milk foam will allow you to create a latte art.

Some people prefer to use a specific ratio for the amounts of espresso and steamed milk. Usually, people use 1/3 part espresso and 2/3 part steamed milk. However, you may ask for extra shots of espresso when ordering latte from a coffee shop, if you prefer. The original latte is not sweetened, but many latte drinks in the United States are heavily sweetened with 3% or more sugar.

Variants of Latte
Latte is normally cold, but there is iced latte that is quite popular in the United States. Iced latte is made by pouring espresso and chilled milk over ice. It does not use any foam; instead, it almost always uses sugars and flavoring syrups.

If served without the milk foam, it is sometimes called “flat white”. Caffe latte is different from latte macchiato, which is made by pouring espresso into milk.

Finally, the term “latte” has also been used for other drinks that are made by mixing a different base with milk, such as matcha, turmeric, and mate. Some other milks, such as almond milk or soy milk, may be used as well.

Nutrition of Latte
Compared to frappuccino, latte is a more nutritious drink. This is especially true for the original latte that is not sweetened. It has significantly lower sugar levels, so it is safer and healthier. It comes with various nutrients from the oils of the coffee beans. It may contain proteins, fats, and calcium from the milk too.

Frappuccino vs Latte
- Starbucks’s trademarked line of iced, blended beverages- A coffee drink that is made from espresso and steamed milk
- Always served cold- Typically hot
- Has many variants, some of which don’t use coffee at all- Has several variants, such as iced latte and flat white
- High sugar levels with little to no other nutrients- Lower sugar levels, with nutrients from coffee and milk

Now, you know the differences between frappuccino vs latte. Frappuccino is Starbucks’s line of iced, blended beverages. There are many variants of frappuccino, some of which don’t use coffee at all. Frappuccino has very high sugar levels. Meanwhile, latte is a coffee drink that is made from espresso and steamed milk. Latte has a coffee flavor that is toned down by the milk, and is more nutritious with nutrients from both the coffee and the milk.