Herbalife vs Isagenix

We do so many kind of efforts to lose weight starting from measuring our calories intake, exercise, do some diet method that claimed to be able to help our body shed that extra pounds and drinking supplements including meal replacement shake. In today Herbalife vs Isagenix article, we are going compare these two similar yet different shakes regarding what they can offer to you, so you can choose wisely. If one or two of them took your attention, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Meal Replacement Shake
– What are Herbalife and Isagenix
– What Herbalife and Isagenix are made of
– Herbalife vs Isagenix

About Meal Replacement Shake
For you who are not familiar with meal replacement shake, this drink is different from protein shake because the main intention of these kind of drinks is not for supplementing but to replace you meal and of course they also contain the nutrition you need. Some are coming in the form of ready to drink shake while the others are in powder form that you will need to mix with water or milk. Most of them are having around 200-400 calories depend on the brand and how you serve them as well as with protein, fiber and other essentials like vitamins and minerals.

About Herbalife
One of the most popular meal replacement shake available is Herbalife with their shake named Formula 1. Just like what you can expected from a meal replacement shake, this one is used to help you lose weight since when doing your program your body will still need a nutritionally balanced diet and doing it yourself with food is not an easy task, so the shake will do it for you. Taking this shake will help you control calorie intake but still able to get enough essential vitamins and minerals together with carbohydrate and protein.

Herbalife Ingredients
Herbalife Formula 1 is made with numerous ingredients but the top are soy protein isolate, calcium caseinate, maltodextrin, whey protein concentrate, dextrose, fructose, natural and artificial flavors, dipotassium phosphate, MCT, magnesium oxide, and honey powder. The shake recommended serving size is 60 grams that will give you approximately 210 calories, so it can be a good replacement for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner when you want to manage weight. Read also: Organic milk vs Regular milk here.

About Isagenix
Another brand you can choose if you are looking for a meal replacement shake is Isagenix Isalean shake. This shake is claimed to be a source of nutritious and balanced meal replacement to help you lose some weight and to help people building lean muscle. It is said to be low-glycemic with energy fueling carbohydrates, vitamins, good fats, and minerals as well as 24 grams of high quality protein.

By drinking Isagenix Isalean Shake, your body will get a superior branched-chain amino acid profiles to help you achieve that lean muscle and since it contains active enzymes, it will also help your digestive system. The shake contains no trans-fat and made with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. The 23 vitamins and mineral will help nourishing your body, so you can have an active lifestyle.

Isagenix Ingredients
Isagenix Isalean Shake is made with so many ingredients the top being whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, low-heat nonfat dry milk, fructose, natural flavoring, isomaltooligosaccharide powder, sunflower oil powder, olive oil powder, and MCT powder. In each 61 grams of the powder will contains 240 calories.

Now, let’s compare Herbalife with Isagenix. Both of them are made to serve the same purpose and what set them apart from each other is Isagenix has slightly higher serving size (60 vs 61 grams) and also have more calories per serving (210 vs 240). Another difference is Isagenix is not using artificial flavor but comes in a fewer flavors options compared to Herbalife (11 vs 5).

Herbalife vs Isagenix
- Many flavors- Less flavors
- Made with artificial flavors- Natural flavoring
- Less calories- More calories
- Less expensive- More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally beneficial for you who are currently trying to lose weight or building lean muscle. But if we are to choose. We will pick Herbalife because it is more affordable than Isagenix.