Iced Latte vs Iced Coffee

Iced latte vs iced coffee may sound similar, but they aren’t. These drinks are made from different ingredients. Hence, they also have different characteristics and flavors. If you want to widen your coffee knowledge by understanding the differences between iced latte and iced coffee, continue reading below.

By reading the following article, you can find out about:
– The fundamental differences between iced latte vs iced coffee,
– The distinctive flavors of the two drinks,
– How to make iced latte and iced coffee, and
– Which drink that is more suitable for different people.

What is Iced Latte?
As a matter of fact, there is no single standard recipe for iced latte that is practiced and endorsed all around the world. Different places may have different iced latte recipes. However, the most common one, especially in the United States, is the one that is directly derived from the original latte. See also: Latte vs Coffee.

Iced latte is a chilled coffee drink that is made from an espresso shot and chilled milk. The two are blended into one, sometimes with ice blocks as well. As noted by Wikipedia, this is different from the original latte, which uses steamed milk. Also, unlike the original latte, iced latte usually does not have any milk foam, so you can’t really expect to find a latte art drawn by the barista on it.

Still, one important distinction for iced latte is that it uses espresso as the base. It may use one or two espresso shots. Usually, baristas use frozen espresso to make iced latte. This is to avert any chance that the resulted drink becomes warm instead of cold. Iced latte may be served with an additional syrup or extract.

Iced Latte Flavor
Iced latte has a very distinctive flavor. Due to using a relatively large amount of milk, the drink has a distinctive milk sweetness. However, the flavor has mixed very well with the coffee. As the effect, you can also find coffee flavor that has been toned down by the milk. The smooth flavor makes iced latte suitable for people who like coffee but can’t stomach the full strength and acidity of it.

Iced latte vs iced coffee also has a distinctive texture. It is somehow smooth and velvety, although this is not as much as the cappuccino. The smoothness and velvetiness are due to the texture of the milk. It is not as liquid as iced coffee.

How to Make Iced Latte
First of all, prepare the espresso. You may use one shot or two shots of espresso. If you have an espresso machine, that’s great. If you don’t, some strong instant coffee can do the trick. Once the espresso is ready, you can chill it first for some time in a refrigerator. Don’t forget to chill the milk, too – you can use any kind of milk, but many people think that 2% milk is the best.

Prepare a glass. Fill it with some ice cubes. Pour the chilled espresso into it. Then, pour the chilled milk as well. Mix them all with a spoon until all of the ingredients blend well.

Finally, you can add some syrup into the drink. You can use a sugar-free syrup or a maple syrup. The maple syrup is great because it blends very well with the coffee flavor. Some people also like chocolate. Now, your iced latte is ready to serve.

What is Iced Coffee?
On the other hand, the term ‘iced coffee’ is quite broad because a wide range of drinks can be classified as iced coffee. However, most people use the term ‘iced coffee’ to refer to chilled regular coffee or brewed coffee. So, usually, iced coffee is nothing more than coffee that is mixed with water and ice cubes in a glass.

Oh, well, that sounds extremely simple. But making a good quality iced coffee is not as easy as it sounds. You have to carefully estimate the ratio between the coffee, water, and ice. If you use too much water or ice, the resulted drink will be plain or even tasteless. When ordering iced coffee, one typically wants to enjoy strong coffee flavor that is served cold.

Iced coffee can be made using espresso or regular coffee. When using espresso as the base, it becomes similar to iced Americano. One may order iced coffee with multiple espresso shots to strengthen the drink.

Making iced coffee from regular coffee may be a little more complicated. Some people believe that the best iced coffee is only acquired from regular coffee that has been left for eight hours to let it cool down. You need to use warm water that is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit to brew the coffee. Once the coffee is ready, pour ice blocks into a glass as many as you want, and then pour the coffee into it.

As you can see, iced coffee does not use milk. However, the drinker may add whatever things they want into the drink. Many people often add sugar to sweeten the drink. Some others also prefer to add some cream.

Iced Coffee Flavor
Iced coffee typically has a stronger and more prominent coffee flavor. The coffee is only diluted by the water. You can still find the exotic flavor that is a mixture of bitterness, slight sweetness, and acid. The variants that use multiple shots are even stronger.

Iced coffee has a more liquid texture. This is because it uses water. It does not contain any milk to alter the texture.

How to Make Iced Coffee
First of all, prepare the coffee base. You can use six tablespoons of strong coffee granules for four cups of water. Put the coffee in a plastic wrap. Next, heat the water to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, then pour it over the coffee granules. Cover the mixture tightly in the plastic wrap, and leave them for about eight hours.

Once the time has passed, you can pour the mixture through a filter into a pitcher. This is to prevent the coffee granules from getting carried into the drink. Afterwards, put some ice into a large glass; you can use as much ice as you want. Make sure to leave enough room for the coffee, though.

Finally, pour the coffee into the glass. The ice will chill it and make it cold. You can add some syrup or superfine sugar or even some cream, if you prefer. Stir them. Enjoy your iced coffee.

Iced Latte vs Iced Coffee

Iced LatteIced Coffee
- Always uses a significant amount of milk- Uses water, without milk
- Uses espresso as the base- May use espresso or brewed coffee as the base
- The drinker may drink it right away or add some sugar- The drinker may drink it right away or add some cream or sugar
- Smooth texture from the milk- Relatively more liquid
- Sweet milk flavor with coffee flavor that has been toned down- The coffee flavor is stronger

Iced latte vs iced coffee may sound similar, but they aren’t. Iced latte is made from espresso that is mixed with a significant amount of milk. Hence, it has a distinctive coffee flavor which is toned down by the milk. You should choose iced latte if your stomach can’t take full-powered coffee. On the other hand, iced coffee is made from coffee with cold water. Usually, iced coffee is stronger, especially if the drinker requested multiple shots to be added.