Isagenix Vs Shakeology

Protein shakes nowadays becomes so popular in helping to maintain your calorie consumption. There are also some popular brands such as Isagenix and Shakeology that come from almost the same marketplace. Some research shows that consuming higher protein will help you the most on your diet.

But, deciding to take some protein shakes to helping your diet sometimes can be hard though. But, with Isagenix and Shakeology, your choice will be closer to your decision. Since there are so many brands that offer almost the same protein shakes, both of them can be your final choice.

Let’s take a look closer into the Isagenix and Shakeology protein shakes below! This short review will help you decide which one of these drink that help your diet the most.


Isagenix is a kind of protein shakes made from 100% whey protein. The company claims that the protein comes from grass-fed New Zealand cows. This product helping you a lot in detoxification programs. You will healthily get a successful diet with the natural protein inside.

Isagenix is a protein shake that you can consume daily without harming your body. It will help your diet with the detox programs that restrict your calorie most safely. There are some options that you can choose to take the detox program. Commonly it starts with nine days of a detox program or 30 days plan.

Isagenix offers the best way to get your diet successful without harming your body. The company will give you some detox program that you follow. For example, on day one of your detox plan, you have to do have only one meal a day. It can be lunch or dinner as you want. But, the calorie that you consume has to between 400 – 600 calories.

Not only have one meal a day, but you also have to drink the Isagenix protein shake twice a day. Commonly you can take it one in in the morning and one whenever you want following your meal. This is much easier to do than consuming some diet pill that may have some bad effects on your body.

Isagenix works perfectly with the consistency of your diet routine. That is why it is important to follow the rule from what it says on the product. One of the methods is about doing intermittent fasting. This method will help you realize the real hunger that you feel.

Isagenix contains some good ingredients that you may familiar with. It contains such as aloe vera leaf, burdock root, betaine HCL, licorice root, choline bitartrate, fennel seed, and many more. Some of them can suppress your appetite and will help you the most in losing weight.

The price of the Isagenix in the market comes at a reasonable rate. It starts at US$49 on Amazon. There are so many flavors available from the product which you can choose as you need.


Shakeology is a kind of protein shakes that will help you the most in losing weight. It is manufactured by the BeachBody company a well-known helping weight loss and diet plan. This product is made with full nutrition as the main ingredient to improve your body work the way to help weight loss.

Shakeology contains so many natural ingredients that can be count about more than 70 types of nutritions. This product also comes in a vegetarian option that will help your body become more nutritious than before. Besides, it has no GMO fructose that will make this drink has less sugar type.

You can consume Shakeology on your daily routine to help your diet successfully healthy. These drinks contain some proteins and amino acids that will help your body to reduce hunger. The whey protein will help it to maintain and build your muscle so that you will get a good muscle.

The prebiotic and probiotic ingredients are also contained in the Shakeology. The prebiotic comes with the yacon root that will help your body to improve your system immune. Besides, some of the adaptogenic herbs on this drink will help your body improves more energy. That makes you can eat less with maximum energy you have by consuming these protein shakes.

Just like so many protein shakes, Shakeology also comes with a diet plan. There are some options that you can take starts from the three days cleansing plan for up to 30 days. Commonly people combine with regular training while consuming these protein shakes daily. These tips also will help you to get a healthier diet program. Read also: Sake vs Shochu.

The Shakeology works perfectly to help you having weight loss healthily than you can imagine before. You may eat regular healthy food daily, but with this protein shakes will help your body to get the maximum effects on absorbing the nutritions. Besides, some enzymes on these drinks will help you a lot to maintain your stress during your program.

The price of the Shakeology comes at a reasonable rate on the market. In Amazon, it starts from US$44 with so many variant flavors. You can choose the vegan chocolate flavor, vanilla, strawberry, cafe latte, and many more.

Isagenix Vs Shakeology

- Each serving comes for a lower price than in case of Shakeology- It has a low sugar level
- It contains a higher amount of protein than Shakeology- It offers more flavors that are also quite interesting
- It also includes more fiber than its opponent- It contains far more superfoods
- It’s a better choice for the specialized diet (especially if you’re going for the gluten-free or Kosher diet)- It has less fat

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Shakeology is a better way to pick than Isagenix. As it comes from the nutrition and the ingredient on these drinks, Shakeology has more nutritious than Isagenix.

Besides, the sugar level on the Isagenix has a higher level than the Shakeology. It contains more than 11 grams than comes from its fructose. That makes the drinks becomes unhealthy if you take on the longterm consumptions.

On the other side, Shakeology comes in higher nutritious ingredients that come with some natural herbs. It also comes with no fructose inside that makes it healthier and safe to consume daily.  The fiber also comes at a higher level so that can block your hunger perfectly.

Based on all these good things the Shakeology makes it a better way to consume within a balanced food and regular training.