Kefir vs Kombucha

In the last few years, fermented drinks are gaining so much popularity. It is not weird because many people are in love with their slightly acidic taste and its benefit for digestive health for it can turn your drink and food into probiotics and friendly bacteria. In today kefir vs kombucha article, we are going to compare these two healthy fermented drinks to give you more information regarding what you can expect from consuming them. If one/both of them took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Kefir and Kombucha
– How to make Kefir and Kombucha
– What Kefir and Kombucha can offer to you
– Kefir vs Kombucha

About Kefir
For many people, the name kefir shouldn’t be that unfamiliar. This product has been seen here and there mainly in social media for its benefit. This drink is made from milk that is fermented using yeast/bacterial fermentation starter. Traditionally it can be made with cow, goat or even sheep milk and made in a goatskin bags that hung near a doorway. This bag then will be knocked by anyone who passed the door, which meant to well mix the kefir grains and milk.

Thanks to its popularity, the availability of kefir are also increasing compared to the past. Today, you can get ready to drink kefir in many grocery stores near your place even though it is not as popular and as many other fermented drink like yogurt drink. Most of ready to drink/eat kefir are come either in a bottle or in a cup very similar to yogurt. However, unlike homemade kefir, manufacturer will have to halt yeast fermentation and culturing to prevent the package from exploding. (Read also : Kefir vs Buttermilk)

Homemade Kefir
If you are not fond of store bought product, you can make your own kefir at home. Follow these simple steps to ferment the milk. First, prepare all the utensils like glass jar, nonmetal stirring utensil, breathable cover for the jar and band to secure the cover as well as a fine mesh plastic strainer and of course you also have to prepare the milk and 1-2 teaspoons of active Milk Kefir grains.

To make drink, transfer active kefir grains into up to 4 cups of fresh milk the cover with coffee filter or butter muslin while securing the edges with a band. Place your kefir in a warm spot between 68 to 85 degree to culture it and in about 24 hours, your kefir should start to smell pleasant but make sure to keep an eye on your grain since some may take less time in warmer temperatures. After the culturing is done, remove the grains from the liquid and store the liquid in refrigerator.

Kefir Benefit
Taken from Dr. Axe, kefir have many benefits. First, it contain many compound and nutrients like folate and biotin, which is beneficial for your immune system. Second, since kefir is made from milk, it also contain calcium, so it can help keeping your bone strong and reduce deteriorating bone disease. Third, it can help your body fight cancer cells in your stomach thanks to its probiotic. Fourth, the probiotic in kefir and yogurts is also beneficial to help balance and fight against gastrointestinal disease.

About Kombucha
Another fermented drink that gains popularity in recent years is Kombucha. For you who never heard the term before, this drink is based on tea, whether it is the famous healthy drink green tea or the sister black tea. It may sound unusual, but to make the drink, you have to ferment the tea using a “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” or called SCOBY. Its origin is unknown, but some people believe it come from Northeastern China and traditionally consumed by people from that region.

Today, depend on where you live, there is a high chance that your nearby stores also offer the drink. Even though it is a healthy drink, somehow people are treating it similar like soda and many commercial manufacturers from different scales made their own Kombucha in different taste like lemon or raspberry, many of them even add carbonation into the drink to mimic soda and enhance the flavor. However, this way many people are starting to recognize the drink even though it is unknown whether they have the same benefit or not.

Homemade Kombucha
If you don’t trust commercial product, you can try making it yourself. First prepare all the tool you need to make the beverage, such as quart-size glass jar, plastic or wooden stirring utensils, tight-weave cloth or paper coffee filter and a rubber or anything to secure the cover. For the ingredients, you will need unfluoridated, unchlorinated water, white sugar, tea bags or loose leaf, starter tea or distilled white vinegar, and active SCOBY.

To make the beverage, combine the sugar and hot water in the glass jar the stir until dissolved then add the tea bags/leaf to steep. After the liquid is cooled down, remove the tea bag/leaf and add the white vinegar or starter from previous batch if you have and then add the SCOBY. Cover the jar with a tight-weave towel and secure the edge with rubber band.

Allow it to ferment in 68 to 85 for 7-30 days or depend on your taste. To enjoy the drink, take the liquid from top surface first, so the bottom can be used for starter next time.

Kombucha Benefit
Kombucha is not popular only because it is delicious but also for the benefit. The drink is beneficial to help prevent a wide variety of disease because it contains powerful antioxidants and can help detoxify your body. Second, it also contains beneficial acid, amino acid, probiotic and enzymes to promote healthy digestion system. Third, it has B vitamins especially B12 that is known to increase energy levels and overall mental wellbeing. Fourth, the live cultures in the drink can destroy bad bacteria responsible for some infections.

Now, let’s compare Kefir and Kombucha. Both of them are similarly fermented drink, but the one is made from milk with kefir grains while the latter is made from tea and fermented with SCOBY. On the inside, Kefir is richer with lactic acid bacteria, so we can say that the drink is probiotic supplement while even though Kombucha is also has healthful microbes, it fall into digestive aid. Kombucha contains caffeine from tea while milk has a good amount of calcium.

Kefir vs Kombucha

- Made from milk- Made from tea
- Fermented with kefir grains- Fermented with SCOBY
- Contains calcium- Contains caffeine

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are healthy and equally delicious depend on your taste. However, we prefer Kefir taste and will recommend you the drink for it contains calcium to add into its benefit.