Ketel One vs Absolut

Vodka is one of the most popular liquors being consumed almost everywhere in the world. Since they have a tasteless characteristic, it can be confusing when it comes to selecting which brand you like the most, such as between the famous Ketel One Vs Absolut. These brands are not in the same price range while also may give different experiences to their drinkers. If you wonder which of them sounds more fitting to your taste, do check our article below about their short comparison.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Where Vodka is Originated
  • What are Ketel One and Absolut
  • How are the Flavors of Ketel One and Absolut
  • What are the Ingredient of Ketel One and Absolut
  • How are the Distillation Process of Ketel One and Absolut
  • How are the Taste of Ketel One and Absolut
  • Ketel One Vs Absolut

The History of Vodka

Consuming alcohol may not be necessary in most people’s lives but they are very popular for different reasons. The side effects that make the liquid warms the body can be very helpful in places where the temperature is very low or during winter to help us stay comfortable. Other than for medication, they are mostly drunk for entertainment and socializing. Similar to favorite foods, people’s tastes vary when it comes to which alcoholic beverage or liquor and spirit taste better for them.

We are sure many will agree that among the most popular liquor or spirit and alcoholic beverages in general, Vodka stands at the top with Whisky and Rum. There are also familiar names such as Sake Vs Shochu for those who are into Asian spirit. Vodka, as the liquid appears, comes from the word Voda which means water in Russian. For Polish however, the term is used to call any white distilled drinks. The beginning of Vodka takes back to the Middle age when it gained popularity.

As we all know, Vodka is made from potatoes but back then it was produced for medicinal purposes and it is also effective for people in the region as it is great against cold weather. What’s surprising is the one who developed the distillate were monks and thanks to them, this liquor then began growing in Russia. It was very well consumed back then among locals but started to expand after 1917 during the Russian Revolution when the population fled their country to Europe.

These people brought their Voda with them to Europe and then the liquor began to become more popular in the region. For the international hype, it is not happening until World War 2 when the Vodka arrives at the hand of North Americans. Today, it is one of the most with the highest alcohol content that can reach 80%. While it was initially made from potatoes and cereals, it now can implement creative processes with fermented products including cereals and grapes. 

Vodka is known to be like water, clear and has no taste but as more people drink them and distribute worldwide, there are more varieties we can see in the market that now create tastier beverages with added flavorings and aroma. The popular options are such as Zubrowka which appears to have yellow and green color that comes from the herb to produce it. The original variant however, is far more versatile for mix drinks without introducing any additional flavors.

About Ketel One and Absolut

It is not surprising to see Vodka everywhere, even in countries or regions where drinking liquor is not their custom. But, this also leads to an abundance of choices with names we have already familiar or new comers trying to attract vodka aficionados. Depending on what the occasion is and how much budget you plan to spend on a bottle, there is a huge range or varieties to choose from. Sometimes we are lucky enough with a random bottle or new brands but the other times we should have chosen another brand.

When finding a good brand that is both nice on the pocket and smooth to taste, we tend to stick with them but being adventurous does help you find more alternatives in different price ranges. Talking about popular Vodka, it isn’t complete without mentioning the names, where among those Ketel One and Absolute are definitely the choice of many people. They are available widely, fit in many people’s pockets, and give a great experience to the drinker while also not too adventurous.

Ketel one has been around since the 16th Century by the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands. The U.S. also houses the company in which is owned by the descendant of the family, being one of the most successful liquor brands. The name itself comes from the method of its production in which Ketel means Pot still in reference to how the liquor is made with copper pot stills. Categorizing it by price, Ketel One is probably around $30, making it into the higher range where enthusiast meets quality.

On the other hand, Absolut is placed on middle ground where you want to get a safer option and don’t want to bet the budget for something that we are not sure yet. The range of $20 is ideal to shop good but affordable Vodkas and Absolut is definitely one of them. Being sold in more than 120 countries, it is one of the largest brands of spirits worldwide. Since its early journey in the U.S., Absolut was already very popular among the creative community and boosted by the campaigns born after.

Ketel One and Absolut Flavors

Vodka may get its popularity from the neutral taste that makes it great for making various other beverages but, as the trend expands and some people are getting bored of the “tasteless” liquor, many brands started to introduce their own variations including for Ketel One and Absolut. In comparison however, Absolut is leading when it comes to fancy new flavors because this brand currently has more than 20 fruity flavors in the collection, including interesting flavors such as Extrakt and Rainbow.

As for Ketel One, this brand is taking a simpler approach by only offering very few selections of flavors beside the original Ketel One Vodka. The collection is made from refreshing citrus fruits that are made into Citroen and Oranje variants. Citroen is boasting a refreshingly lemon zest fragrance and has a hint of lemon with some notes of sweetness. The Oranje variant is said to have a juiciness of orange fruit and crisp. In addition there is a 325 years special edition with copper colored bottles and pretty detailing.

Ketel One and Absolut Ingredient

As it has been mentioned above, initially Vodka was made from potatoes but now they can be made from other main ingredients. Both Ketel One and Absolut are made from wheat, but just a bit different. Ketel one is made from wheat which is claimed to be 100% GMO-free, the type used is winter wheat that is naturally grown in Europe. Absolut is also made from the same type of wheat but the one used is only those from the Skane region in Sweden.

Absolut is sourcing their main ingredient locally and it is said that 20% of the wheat grown in the region or about 125,000 tons per year is bought by the company to make Vodka. Winter wheat is called so because this type of wheat is planted in September and harvested in August. Absolut is also said to use the wheat growing in the southernmost part of Sweden for the liquor because it is lower in protein but higher in starch for fermentation.

Ketel One and Absolut Distillation

In general the methods to make Vodka are the same but manufacturers may have their own method on how to refine their liquor. For example, Kettle One is using pot distillation, originated from the 19th Century and still has to be hand stoked, sealed with wheat paste to prevent evaporation. This process is meant to remove both harsh “heads” and the weak “tails” from the liquid until what’s left is the prime “hearts”. The next process is blending which then followed by marrying or mixing the several components with water together.

On the other hand Absolut is using multi-column distillation with several columns that have their own job making the final products from the mash column where the mashed wheat that is sugary beer is separated from water and alcohol to the final column where Vodka is separated from impurities which is refining the liquor itself before bottling. What’s a bit unique is Absolut uses a local aquifer that has been going through reverse osmosis and is said to be cleaner that affects the vodka it’s mouthfeel.

Ketel One and Absolut Taste

When it comes to taste and feel, it can be very subjective as it relies on our personal preference but we are sure many will agree that Ketel One is the ultra-smooth option for anyone who fancy the texture. It has an alcohol content of 40% or 80 proof but goes through very easily and often enjoyed over ice to appreciate the quality. As for Absolut, people either love it or hate it but personally we have no issue with this brand. It goes well for mixed drinks and still enjoyable while not being as smooth as Ketel One.

Ketel One vs Absolut

Vodka is versatile which is the charm of this liquor and making it into tons of other fancy drinks like Bloody Mary and Cosmopolitan but they can be enjoyed chilled and at room temperature as well. There are many good brands to consider when shopping for a bottle including Ketel One and Absolut. The main difference besides where they source the main ingredient and details on processing, the final texture of Ketel One is actually smoother and more high-quality than Absolut. But, Absolut does have lots of flavors for your convenience.

Ketel OneAbsolut
- Non-GMO European winter wheat- Winter wheat from Skane
- Copper pot still distillation- Multi-column distillation
- Ultra-smooth vodka- A bit harsh
- Fewer variants- Numerous flavors


People have different preferences and how much they want to spend on their Vodka. Both brands are good options based on which you like better because if you like ultra-smooth vodka then the answer will be Ketel One.