Ketel One Vs Ciroc

Vodka is a simple yet versatile liquor that you can enjoy as it is or with other ingredients. Ketel One Vs Ciroc is some of the most famous brands of high-quality Vodka at a modest price. They are smooth and ideal for mixed drinks, but they don’t taste the same. If you wonder which to try next, let’s see what to expect from the two here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Vodka is Popular
  • What are Ketel One and Ciroc
  • How are the Packaging of Ketel One and Ciroc
  • What is the Ingredient to Make Ketel One and Ciroc
  • How are the Production Processes of Ketel One and Ciroc
  • How is the Taste of Ketel One and Ciroc
  • Ketel One Vs Ciroc

Vodka Popularity

There are so many different types of alcoholic drinks, and one of them is Vodka. This clear spirit is famous almost wherever you go or travel. Suppose you visit a local bar or even small shops in many different countries, high chance they will also carry at least one brand of Vodka. The drink itself originates from Russi and Eastern Europe, but you can find them everywhere today. They also vary in price, mostly being very affordable for more people to enjoy.

Not very surprising, while Vodka may not be for everyone, it did surpass whiskey back in 1976 as the best-selling spirit and has held the place since then. It is also the most popular spirit globally with high versatility. You can drink the liquid as it is but the charm of Vodka is in the hand of the bartender or your creativity. You also don’t need to be experienced because almost everything that tastes good on its own will pair well with Vodka; no mixologist required.

Many may wonder why Vodka is so famous because they are not as “unique” in terms of taste compared to other types of drink. Vodka is virtually tasteless, unlike wine with its complex character. But, this is also what makes it attractive. The lack of flavor in Vodka allows you to combine it with varying ingredients, making your favorite drinks such as White Russian, Cosmopolitan, or everyone’s favorite Bloody Marry. The clear liquor brings up the taste of other ingredients and a medium to mix them.

About Ketel One and Ciroc

As expected from something well-loved by so many people, the business is doing very well. It is easy to find your favorite brand, but it is also great to try something you never have before. The price varies, and sometimes the upper shelf placement doesn’t mean that they will taste better than a bottom shelf. Of course, it is wise to maintain the expectation when spending less, but it is always worth trying to see whether you like it.

If we are lucky enough, we may find something cheap and delicious, something like a hidden gem. But, most of the time, Vodka’s taste varies based on the ingredients and manufacturing process. Vodka is distilled spirit, so the manufacturing process will be very similar, but the company can use different methods or ingredients to separate their products from everyone else’s. After all, this is what makes straight drinkers consider what brand to spend their money on, especially enthusiasts who don’t mind paying for prestigious brands.

Some of the most exciting options you may want to try are Ketel One and Ciroc Vodka. Talking about price, Ciroc is a budget choice and is known as Diddy’s Vodka. It is an exciting spirit and very different from other types of Vodka we often hear about, including Ketel One. What’s so special about Ciroc? The spirit is its ingredients because it is made of grapes instead of potatoes or other starch-rich foods. Ketel One, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive.

But, nothing is surprising about the ingredient as it is made of wheat. What makes it unique and worth spending is the overall taste quality; this Vodka is one of the best in this price range. It is ideal for people who prefer to drink it straight and cold. It is not overly expensive, so we think it is worth trying if you have never had it before.

Ketel One and Ciroc Packaging

Packaging may not affect the taste of your favorite drink, but it indeed lures people to at least take a look at them. The fashion of Ketel One adapting a more serious look, elegant and simple with the choice of font and label. The brand initially only had original Vodka, but with the increasing popularity of flavored Vodka, they also introduced some interesting flavors like citrus and orange. The bran also has a unique Botanical collection such as cucumber and mint, grapefruit and rose, and peach and orange blossom.

Instead of Ketel One’s classic styling, the Ciroc adopts a more modern look. The bottle is tall and wide on the bottom as it gets slimmer on top. The clear bottle showcases its clear spirit inside with a label to indicate its flavoring. Ciroc is modern Vodka and has plenty of tasty variants such as apple, red berry, mango, pineapple, peach, French vanilla, and coconut. It currently offers limited edition summer watermelon and white grape variants. Looking at their collection, we think they will be an excellent combination for creative drinkers.

Ketel One and Ciroc Ingredient

There are so many factors that can affect your Vodka taste, and one of them is the ingredients. Most Vodkas, including Ketel One, are made from wheat or winter wheat. Many other brands also use wheat, such as Absolut, which you can check in our Ketel One Vs Absolut. This wheat is claimed to be the finest in quality and naturally grown or 100% GMO-free if you have the concern. Wheat is not gluten-free, but the process to make Vodka is through distillation, so they don’t contain gluten.

On the other hand, Ciroc is made of grapes. The beverage has been produced in France since 2003, and due to the ingredients, it is naturally gluten-free. Unlike the typical Vodka, Ciroc seems to boast that this spirit must be flavorful, so it has so many different flavors in the collection. Ciroc is also coming from a winemaker company before making the distilled spirit which explains why it is made from grapes.

Ketel One and Ciroc Distillation Process

As for the manufacturing process, all Vodkas are distilled, but the process detail can differ. It is purified into a very high level of alcohol by a volume concentration of about 96%. Unlike wine, the alcohol is not aged but directly diluted with water to 40% for the bottling process. The Vodka needs to be at least 95% distillation concentration and 40% ABV in the US. Another unique process by Ciroc emphasizes the 5-times distillation process, which uses four-column stills, and the last step is using a copper pot still at their Distillerie de Chevanceaux.

Ketel One is also distilled Vodka, but the information we gather is triple distilled. If you are interested in a drink distilled for much more time, the brand L’Chaim Vodka claimed that its spirit is distilled 18 times. After the wheat mash is made, the fermentation goes through a column distillation process to produce the wheat spirit. Its second step is copper distillation, where part of the previous spirit is re-distilled in ten copper pot stills.

Interestingly, Ketel One still has the original 19th copper pot that operates today. This pot requires hand stoke and sealed with wheat paste to prevent evaporation. It requires monitoring every 20 minutes through 8 hours process. This distillation process will help remove the harsh heads and weak tails to leave them clean and smooth heart. The next step is filtering the heart and blending them. The last step is mixing the filtered heart with the first step distilled spirit and water before bottling.

Ketel One and Ciroc Taste

Lastly, let’s talk about the taste of Ketel One and Ciroc. We are very curious about Ciroc and its grape-based spirit. The overall quality of the liquid is inoffensive and very enjoyable. It has noticeable medicine-like alcohol, but we can’t taste it. The aftertaste is more on the citrusy side, which strangely combines with the medicine-like notes. Some notes you may find along the way are herbs like licorice. The finish is not as enjoyable if you drink it straight because it somehow tastes bitterer.

Ketel One is quite different. It smells astringent, “clean,” and fresh. Many people call this character crisp, and we agree, but some prefer to call the astringent aroma lemony. The entry is relatively smooth with citrus notes and black pepper. It does sting, however, but not the unpleasant one. The finish stays crisp, making it an excellent option for straight drinking. If you dislike the aroma, adding ice seems to help reduce it.

Ketel One Vs Ciroc

Both Ketel One and Ciroc are great options if you want to try different brands than what you used to drink. Ketel One and Ciroc are pretty different in the ingredient and the taste and texture. Ciroc is fruitier, probably from the grapes, it doesn’t burn, but the aftertaste is bitter, making it more ideal as a mix in a cocktail. Ketel One does sting a bit, but it tastes clean and crisp. The aftertaste is also citrusy and more pleasant if you drink it straight or with ice.

Ketel One Ciroc
- More expensive- Affordable
- Made from wheat- Made from grapes
- Less distilled- More distilled
- Crisp and clean- Fruity and bitter


There are plenty of excellent Vodkas to try, and some of them are Ketel One and Ciroc. We recommend Ciroc for mixing and Ketel One for drinking straight. The fruity notes of Ciroc may blend well with your other ingredients, while the crisps and clean texture of Ketel One make it ideal for straight drinking.