La Croix vs Perrier

There are so many great beverages you can enjoy today, some are healthier than others and some are not best to be consumed everyday. If you prefer to drink flavored water, La Croix Vs Perrier are good options to quench the thirst without worrying about excessive sugar content and what’s better, they taste great as well. These are a better choice for soda drinkers who want to move into healthier alternatives but, do check what they are below so we can make a better judgment.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Grow Drinking Water Habit
  • What are La Croix and Perrier
  • How Many Flavors Available in La Croix and Perrier
  • What are the Ingredients of La Croix and Perrier 
  • What is Natural Flavor in La Croix and Perrier
  • How are the Taste of La Croix and Perrier
  • La Croix Vs Perrier

Drinking Water

Water is very important for your body because it plays a vital role in making the body function properly. Unfortunately, not all of us are a fan of drinking water because traditionally it has no taste and for those who are used to artificially flavored drinks, the common plain water does taste boring. However, it should not be our reason as to why the water bottle stays unused because drinking water helps your mind stay alert and overall helps you feel better.

If you have been finding it difficult to remember drinking water throughout the day or not used to the new habit yet, here are some efforts to try in order to properly get our water intake everyday.

  1. One of the common reasons why plain water is avoided by some people is for the lack of taste as we are used to sweetened beverages that please the taste buds. This is why adding a little bit of flavors into the water will be helpful such as by putting some fresh fruits like strawberries and lemon or even vegetables like cucumber and ginger for a hint of unique notes. You can also be more creative by combining various fruits/veggies to your taste.
  2. The second good habit is trying to link the water intake to the most common daily activity which is going to the bathroom itself. Since we are visiting the bathroom several times a day, try stopping by the kitchen from your way back to the desk and drink a glass of water. It is convenient as we already get up from the desk/seat and then we can replenish the water as well after reducing some from the visit.
  3. Another method is by gulping some with every meal and if you are cooking at home, place a glass nearby and sip some while you cook as well. If you are currently at the restaurant, ask for water when the server comes and take drink orders. Waiting the food to boil or sear is also more enjoyable with a cup of cold water.
  4. This method is pretty modern and we never actually tried it before but it sounds really helpful. If you are a fan of health or fitness apps, there is usually a function to track your activity and it can be fun as well as help you track the water intake throughout the day.
  5. The last is a bit costly and it is by involving high-tech water bottles such as DrinKup with its accompanying app. This type of bottle can recommend customized water intake and send the notifications when it is the time to sip and log off when you take the water.

About La Croix and Perrier

These are all good efforts to try increasing the water intake but if regular water still seems to not that attractive to you, we can try flavored water to help you gulp more. They are more popular nowadays as we are aware of the risk and health issues from soda and other sweetened beverages. They are convenient as well as we can get them in almost any convenience store while also easy to bring in your bag to the office or campus or almost everywhere.

Among those many good or healthier alternatives, La Croix and Perrier are two ideal options to try. These brands are quite popular nowadays, especially La Croix since Perrier is already sold for decades. For the majority of us, especially the older generation, Perrier is a more familiar name and rather than flavored beverage, they are a fancier option of regular plain water. However, to answer the demand of the modern market, the brand also introduced more variants into the product line to attract more consumers.

La Croix itself is a brand born from the concern of sugary beverages we are already used to. We all know that soda is a staple in many establishments as well as houses and the fact that many of us are continuously drinking high calorie drinks cause incredible health concern. La Croix is similar to soda but different, in a sense that it is healthier, without sugar, yet still tastes great to replace and substitute our regular soda consumption.

Unlike soda, La Croix is boasting natural ingredients and has no calories which is why it is very popular among dieters or people who want to monitor the calorie intake. It is in general similar to Spindrift that you can check in our La Croix Vs Spindrift here and the two are also very tasty. In our opinion La Croix and Perrier are equally good options and while quite different traditionally, the flavor variants of the latter are more similar.

La Croix and Perrier Flavors

One reason that makes these beverages popular and loved by many is because of the taste. Flavors are why they are very attractive and brands like La Croix have many to offer; some are basic and some are exotic or unique. Besides common flavors like Lemon, Lime, or Watermelon, you can find unique flavors like Hibiscus or mix fruits like cherry lime and apple cranberry. In total, there are 27 different flavors in the collection including some very unique flavors like Coconut Cola and Coffee Cola.

Traditionally Perrier has no flavor or plain which is often enjoyed chilled in the refrigerator or to make mixed beverages that require the carbonation from the mineral water. Today, you can find more options in the catalog and besides the plain water, you can have various other flavors, divided into Perrier Flavors and Perrier Juice Drink. From the Flavors line we have 8 different variants such as Peach and Watermelon while from the Juice Drink there are only 4 of them like Lemon & Guava or Strawberry & Kiwi.

La Croix and Perrier Ingredient

The most important point about La Croix and Perrier as healthier beverages to replace soda is their ingredients which put your mind at ease compared to the concerning high syrup or sweetener as well as artificial flavoring in common bottled or canned beverages. What’s unique is that La Croix claims that they only use two ingredients; carbonated water and natural flavors. The natural flavor itself is not very clear and exposed because the exact formulation is secret to the public.

Perrier or Perrier Flavors in this article are the same but instead of carbonated water, it is using sparkling mineral water just like the water in the more traditional variant bottle. The difference is that this natural sparkling water contains minerals as well from the source which makes it have some dissolved salts. The brand similarly uses natural flavor according to the variant but still, there is no more information about what exactly the natural flavor is made up from.

La Croix and Perrier Natural Flavor

What’s questionable is this natural flavor because we never really know what it is. From the information spreading around the internet, FDA defines the term natural flavor as “essential oil, oleoresin, essence, or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating, or enzymolysis that contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit, or fruit juice, vegetable, or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, leaf, or similar plant material including those from animals like meat, seafood, poultry, dairy products, and eggs or fermentation.

They also have to have a function as a food flavoring rather than being consumed or used for the nutritional content. Reading this description, we are still not confident that we understand what really is this “natural flavoring” yet, since ingredients have to pass expert and scientific review to me accepted by FDA and generally safe to consume, this mysterious ingredient is probably safe for us. In addition, La Croix do stated that their natural flavorings are essential oils from the fruit or ingredients of the variant.

La Croix and Perrier Taste

Coming to the taste test, if we are honest, they are not going to taste as great as can or glass bottled cola. It is because they are not sweet which is a great sign for a beverage as it won’t cause an excess sugar intake or added calories to your meals. The fruit taste is not very prominent but is there to give them flavors and do taste really fresh combined with the carbonation and chilled before. What’s a bit different is that Perrier does taste slightly salty, probably because of the source of water.

La Croix vs Perrier

These beverages are good alternatives for those who want to move from the regular soda or just not a fan of plain water. They taste unique with hints of different flavors depending on which you like better and can be a nice addition as well for your mixed drinks. The difference is from the source of water since Perrier is using sparkling mineral water and has some salts in it which makes the beverage taste different.

La CroixPerrier
- Has more flavor variants- Has less flavors
- Carbonated water- Natural sparkling water
- No minerals- Contains about 40 mg of calcium per can


All in all it is best to try both and decide which taste better on your taste buds. Personally we like any of them but those who dislike saltiness may want to stick with La Croix and this brand do have more flavors to try as well.