La Croix Vs Spindrift

Refreshment is important not only to hydrate your body but also to energize your mood. There are plenty of refreshing beverages out there that we can try but few names are what most people seem to be talking about recently such as the popular La Croix Vs Spindrift. These beverages are seen as the better choices for soft drink or energy drinks that carry some bad side effects over time but do check whether they are really healthy here before trying to stock up.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Sugary Beverages are Dangerous
  • What are La Croix and Spindrift
  • How are the Packaging and Flavors of La Croix and Spindrift
  • What are the Ingredients of La Croix and Spindrift
  • Are La Croix and Spindrift Safe for Teeth
  • How are the Nutritional Value of La Croix and Spindrift
  • La Croix Vs Spindrift

Sugary Beverages

Our body needs water to survive and it is even more crucial to have water than regular meals in difficult situations as our body reacts faster to the lack of liquid. But, it is also not a surprising fact that not all people like to drink their water for various reasons; the obvious one is because they have no taste thus, not as interesting to have. While this is a dangerous mindset and can lead our body to not only dehydration but several health risks of choosing the alternative which most likely will be sugary drinks.

In America, sugary beverages are extremely popular where most of them are soda types and almost 10% of daily calories consumed each day by average people are coming from just these sugary drinks with half of the most added sugar coming from sugary beverages as well. This is the data from 2018 and while our consumption of sugary beverages, especially soda seems to decline after the peak in 2000, there is still not enough decline to remove the worry regarding their health side effects.

With half adults drinking at least sugary beverages at any given day, this trend is still threatening our society, moreover with data that shows obesity and overweight issues have been increasing over the years. Highlighting on soda as the most popular sugary beverage, author of the “Your Brain on Food” state that the beverage itself is designed to be irresistible by people who love sweetened beverages because they are engineered to do so with just the right amount of sweetener, caffeine, and carbonation to attract our consumption.

For example, the popular Cola beverage has about 39 grams of sugar in one serving of 12 ounce liquid which is measured about 10 teaspoons and this is more than what we should consume in an entire day. This proves that the beverage is very sweet and this will affect the same reward center in our brain as when using drugs. This sugar triggers the release of dopamine or the area known as nucleus accumbens, giving the result of feeling euphoria.

In a review, sugar can even be more rewarding and attractive than cocaine and other dangerous effects is satisfaction from sugar can lead to another sugar craving hence we seem to can’t stop the affection towards these sweetened drinks. In soda, there is also caffeine which is acting as stimulant and our brain craves things that can stimulate it which is why caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee are refreshing and makes your body feel better or more focused and awake.

About La Croix and Spindrift

With the widespread of this fact and more people acknowledging that it is unhealthy to consume too much soda or typical sugary beverages, we also need to find a replacement because again, not all people are fond of just regular water. Healthy beverages then come to fashion and have been thriving for quite some time now with brands coming rapidly, offering their own version of the healthy alternative with no side effects but still taste great and refreshing.

We are sure most of us have our own favorite brand and even flavor when it comes to flavored beverages but for those moving on from soda, there need to be something very similar but without the bad stuff. Here comes sparkling water that floods the market with their cheerful, refreshing, and attractive beverages. Sparkling water itself is not a new thing because carbonated water has been around for so long both artificial and natural occurred from the water source but, in the middle of healthy living, these brands are very eye-catching.

Namely La Croix and Spindrift are two very popular sparkling water that have been consumed by people to replace their soda option. These beverages are seen as the alternative from the common sugary drinks like soda that we have been used to growing up and seen as the healthier choice if you want to avoid the bad side effects of gulping several spoons of added sugar every day. La Croix is an American brand originated from La Crosse and with the claim that they used everything natural, they do sound very healthy.

Spindrift is probably the direct competitor of La Croix with similar size of fan bases yet, when it comes to which of them will be your companion during lunch or for a quick refreshment while sitting on an office chair, it is mostly about personal preference. Regardless of the sale size and product marketing, the two are still a better choice to brighten the mood and provide a quick recharge without having to worry about your total calorie intake.

La Croix and Spindrift Packaging and Flavors

One of the factors that make flavored beverages attractive is their packaging and they are also made to look refreshing with colorful cans and illustrations. We can say that Spindrift is simpler in terms of how they design the product while La Croix uses a more elegant lettering or layout. We are a fan of both as they already look tasty even before you took a sip. Another factor making flavored beverages interesting is the flavor collections and on this side La Croix will win hands down.

This brand has a total of 27 flavors with some exotic variants as well such as coconut cola, coffee, kiwi watermelon, and another mix fruits option besides the regular choices like lime, tangerine, or peach. For Spindrift, this brand currently has 11 collections of fresh fruits that we love such as grapefruit or pineapple but for the unique flavors they have coconut, lemon and tea, and orange with mango. Both brands also offer all of their beverages in a canned compartment at 12 oz.

La Croix and Spindrift Ingredients

Because our concern is health, it is necessary to know what’s included inside the can of these sparkling water besides the sparkling water itself as there are chances they use unsafe ingredients. Starting with La Croix, what gives it the flavor of those fresh or unique fruits is coming from natural essence oil which is why they are called naturals. These essences are made from fruit of the flavor itself such as lime or tangerine. What’s confusing is that natural flavor can be made up of more than one ingredient, including artificial ones that play a role in the mixture.

There is still no easy way of confirming this because flavors like these are complex chemical formulas invented by food companies and only a handful of people know exactly what it is since they are also strictly protected. The story is a bit different with Spindrift because this beverage is not using the so called natural flavor but simplified everything by just using fruit juice instead. This way it is easy to tell what we consume and what are these flavors. Each variant also has a different concentration of juices to make the beverage.

La Croix and Spindrift Teeth Health

Now when we are aware of the ingredients used to give the interesting fruity flavors, comes the question whether sparkling water like La Croix and Spindrift are actually healthy especially due to the lower acidity. There have been news about how the acidity level can harm our teeth enamel but this again clarified that in general actually mineral water is the best. Sparkling water and soda, or sport beverages are mostly lower than pH 6; even our own saliva has a different acidity level depending on phosphate and ions in the body.

In short, sparkling water is more acidic than regular water but less acidic than orange juice or lemon water and soda. They are not the best for our teeth but not concerningly dangerous as well unless drunk continuously throughout the day with a habit of keeping them in the mouth or swishing it around with every sip.

La Croix and Spindrift Nutritional Value

When it comes to nutritional value, many people will probably choose La Croix because this beverage has no calorie despite tasting like fruits thus it is safe for those maintaining their calorie intake. On the other hand, Spindrift has very little calorie in it since it uses real fruit juice so it makes sense there will be some coming along in the beverage but, the juice is just a small portion of the liquid and will not affect your diet or matters as much as when drinking a cold lemon tea.

La Croix Vs Spindrift

With the concern coming from unhealthy effects of consuming too much sugary beverages, both La Croix and Spindrift are great solutions to prevent us from grabbing the unhealthy options. There is no calorie or very little calorie from the beverage yet they still taste good minus the sweetness. The difference is where they source the flavor from because La Croix uses the term natural with no disclosure on what it is while Spindrift just uses juice to give the interesting taste.

La CroixSpindrift
- More flavors- Less flavor collection
- Zero calories- Small amount of calories
- Natural flavors- Uses of fruit juices


When it comes to choosing which one of them will be in your next shopping list, it all matters to personal taste. We like both brands as they are tasty but somehow feels safer with Spindrift as we know what is used for the flavoring.