Latte Macchiato vs Cappuccino

Which one do you prefer between latte macchiato vs cappucino? Coffee lovers have to understand both drinks’ deliciousness, and it is very important for the barista to understand every little detail in serving these beverages. There are several characters and differences between latte macchiato and cappuccino, so let’s continue reading for those informations.

By reading the following article, you can find out about:
– The basic differences between latte macchiato vs cappucino,
– The preparation and making process for both beverages,
– Foaming consistency of each coffee drink, and
– The flavor of each coffee drink.

What is Latte Macchiato?
The “stained milk” or as we know it as latte macchiato is a very famous coffee. The name itself comes from its method of preparation. It is told that the coffee drink is made by pouring espresso into hot milk.

The beauty of latte macchiato comes from its layers, which if made perfectly will shape a heavier layer of foam, thicker layer of steamed milk, and about a shot of espresso. This is also the reason why latte macchiato is considered as a layered drink. Hence, latte macchiato is hardly similar to caffe latte and differs greatly from cappuccino. Latte macchiato emphasizes its milk more than the coffee.

This is also why latte macchiato will produce a different shape of foam. Meanwhile, the little spot of espresso left on top of the milk is the basic difference between latte macchiato and the regular latte.

How To Make Latte Macchiato
To prepare latte macchiato, you have to emphasize its milk. The frothed milk generally produces a generous amount of foam. The frothing can be done using the steam nozzle of an espresso machine or a dedicated milk frother. The foam will be dryer and tremendously light. The foam will cover a layer of liquid milk underneath.

Then, after the frothing process is done, continue by preparing the espresso. A standard espresso cup is always the way to go with latte macchiato. You should pour the espresso gently yet quickly into the milk so that you can preserve the dark spot at the center. If you use a clear glass, you can visualize the layers which are made after the pouring takes place. The perfect composition consists of a thick foam, steamed milk, and espresso.

First thing that you may notice from latte macchiato is its milky and creamy texture. Of course, in many coffee drinks, the espresso is more pronounced than the milk, but latte macchiato is different that the stronger flavor is the milk.

However, you can still enjoy the rich coffee flavor if you don’t stir the espresso at the center. The foam itself is very thick and doesn’t dissipate as quickly as the foam in cappuccino. So, latte macchiato is essentially about having a rich and refreshing creamy coffee.

What Is Cappuccino?
Cappuccino, the traditional drink which has been known for centuries since 19th century, is known as a rich coffee drink which offers multiple altitudes of taste and innovation. The cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink which is made of double espresso and steamed milk foam.

“Cappuccino” is named after the Capuchin friars, as noted by Wikipedia. This is because the colour of the beverage is similar to the friars’ habits after the milk is added in small portion into the dark brewed espresso. It is brown.

In the past, people used brewed coffee, but along with the evolution of the coffee world, the use of espresso is now a lot more common than brewed coffee. However, you may find some people that still love the use of brewed coffee.

Unlike latte macchiato, cappuccino is made using double shots of espresso. So, the amount of espresso is one of the differences between latte macchiato vs cappuccino. There are many possibilities and innovation in making a cappuccino. You can add cinnamon, chocolate powder, or even substitute milk with cream. The outcome will still be called cappuccino, as it has double espresso and thick foam on top of it.

How To Make Cappuccino
The process to make cappuccino can be quite simple, there are even “instant cappuccino” products that you can buy from the shelves. However, with the real and longer process, you will get a better taste of real cappuccino. Cappuccino is usually prepared with an espresso machine. The machine will produce double shots of espresso, and then the double espresso will be poured into the bottom of the glass.

Then, you can proceed with the same amount of hot milk. The hot milk can be prepared by heating it or by using the espresso machine’s steam wand. You can change the milk with cream, as the texture of cappuccino will change by using cream. The top of the cup should be covered with milk foam, and the decoration is usually made on the foam. This artistic drawing or decoration is also known as latte art.

Cappuccino usually comes in a small volume within the range of 150 – 180 ml cup. This short amount of the cup means that you can taste the whole mix in small sips. Hence, you can still feel the presence of the rich espresso with the smoothness of the milk.

The foamy texture along with milk consistency are highlighted in perfectly made cappuccino. Therefore, foam is the important factor in making cappuccino. The best foam depends on the milk’s fat content. After servng, most of the foam is quickly diminished, but you can compensate this by using a different kind of milk. Low-fat milk will bring some smoothness, but lessen the creamy taste. On the other hand, richer and creamier milk will lessen smoothness in exchange of its greater taste.

Latte Macchiato vs Cappuccino
Latte MacchiatoCappuccino
- A shot of espresso which is poured into the milk- Double shots of espresso, poured first before the milk
- Emphasize on the milk's texture and sweetness- Emphasize on the foam and espresso
- Flavor is highly milky and creamy- Rich espresso flavor with smooth foam and milk
- Has dry foam with a macchia spot at the center- Thick foam on the top for many innovations or latte arts

Latte macchiato vs cappuccino have very different features. Latte macchiato uses a big amount of milk and just a small shot of espresso. Hence, the milk flavor is stronger. Meanwhile, cappuccino uses double shots of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. Cappuccino has a stronger coffee flavor, smooth milk taste, and creamy texture.