Latte Macchiato vs Latte

For a newcomer in the world of coffee, the different types of coffee drinks may seem confusing and overwhelming. However, this should not pull you back from becoming a true coffee lover. The following article will help you understand the differences between two popular coffee drinks in today’s modern world, Latte Macchiato vs Latte.

In this article, we will help you understand better about:
– What are latte macchiato and latte,
– The ingredients and methods to make these two coffee drinks,
– The differences between latte macchiato vs latte, and
– Which one is the best coffee drink for you.

What is Latte Macchiato?
Latte macchiato is a coffee drink that is made by pouring espresso into milk. This is a very important definition, as the method for making latte macchiato provides very significant differences. Wikipedia says that the name “latte macchiato” actually means “stained milk” in Italian – indicating the preparation method in which some milk that is ‘stained’ by espresso. Note that you should not confuse latte macchiato with caffe macchiato, which is a very different drink.

At first, latte macchiato and latte may seem to be similar. They are both coffee drinks that are made from espresso and milk. Some people even think that they have similar flavors, but this is not exactly true. See also: Latte vs Coffee.

There are at least three very significant differences between latte macchiato vs latte that set the two coffee drinks apart. First, in latte macchiato, the espresso is added into the milk, not vice versa. This preparation technique does affect the flavor profile. Second, latte macchiato uses both hot milk and milk foam. The milk foam layer is pretty thick. Third, latte macchiato is a ‘layered’ drink, meaning that the espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk are layered instead of mixed.

Additionally, latte macchiato often uses only half a shot of espresso or even less. This further enhances the impression of ‘stained’ milk. There is a little spot of crema left on the top of the milk, called the macchia. You can easily tell that a beverage is latte macchiato and not latte by seeing the macchia – in addition to the layers of black espresso, milk, and milk foam.

Making Latte Macchiato
Latte macchiato is quite easy to make. There are several methods for making latte macchiato. Perhaps the simplest and easiest one is by simply frothing some hot milk, pouring it into a glass, and adding half a shot of espresso.

You need to froth the milk extensively in order to create significantly light and dry foam. An extensive frothing will separate the foam from the liquid milk underneath. This may also be a distinction from latte, which uses wet microfoam for latte art. Afterwards, you may use a standard espresso cup or glass to swiftly dump the espresso into the drink.

You can also prepare latte macchiato as a layered drink by using a small espresso brew pitcher. With this method, the espresso is poured very gently so that it creates a layer between the denser liquid milk and the lighter foam. For this method to succeed, you need to use a transparent glass so that the layers can be visible.

The Flavor of Latte Macchiato
The flavor of latte macchiato is different from latte. Its focus is more emphasized on the milk rather than the espresso. As the effect, you can expect to get a stronger milk flavor.

However, the espresso is still quite noticeable. In fact, the first sip tends to be bolder and stronger with espresso. This is because the espresso is added last. If you stir the drink with a spoon, there is a slight hint of espresso in the milk flavor. The foam on the top creates a distinctive texture for this drink.

What is Latte?
On the other hand, latte is a coffee drink that is made by mixing espresso with steamed milk. It is also commonly known as caffe latte or caffelatte. In Italian, it means “milk coffee”. Unlike latte macchiato, latte mixes the espresso and steamed milk properly.

Latte is usually made from one shot or two shots of espresso. Milk is added until the cup or glass is filled. Latte does not need to have a foam layer, but some places do serve latte with a foam layer on the top. If it comes with foamed milk, it uses wet microfoam with a thickness of just about 12 mm. The foam enables the barista to create a latte art.

Normally, latte is not a layered drink. The espresso and steamed milk are mixed thoroughly into one. As the effect, the color of the drink is usually brown. Both the amount of espresso used and the mixing affect the flavor profile.

Making Latte
Latte is quite easy to make. First of all, brew an espresso shot. To give you a more specific idea, you need about 2-oz espresso for an 8-oz cup. While the espresso is still brewing, you can steam some milk. You need to make the milk neither too foamy nor too thin. Try to make a nice sheen and fine microfoam which sticks to the sides. Finally, pour the steamed milk into the espresso. Your latte is ready to serve.

The Flavor of Latte
Latte has a distinctive flavor that is created from the combination of espresso and milk. The first sip is usually mild and balanced. This is because the espresso has been mixed. The milk foam on the top also adds a delicate texture.

Throughout the drink, the coffee flavor is more noticeable. This is because you use more espresso for this drink. However, the coffee flavor is smooth and soft, toned down sweetly by the milk. It isn’t bitter or acidic.

Latte Macchiato vs Latte

Latte MacchiatoLatte
- Made by pouring espresso into milk- Made by mixing milk into espresso
- The espresso and milk are not fully mixed, hence creating layers- The espresso and milk are mixed into one
- Has a thicker dry foam with a macchia spot- Usually has a thin wet microfoam, may come with a latte art
- Uses half a shot of espresso, or less- Uses one shot or two shots of espresso
- Strong first sip, but stronger milk flavor down the drink- Mild first sip with a smooth, soft coffee flavor down the drink

There are several differences between latte macchiato vs latte, but many people love them both. Latte macchiato is made by pouring espresso into milk, and is easily recognized by the layers and macchia. Latte macchiato is a great choice if you prefer a stronger milk flavor down the drink. On the other hand, latte is made by mixing milk into espresso, creating a balanced profile. Latte is great if you want to enjoy smooth and soft coffee.