Minute Maid vs Simply Orange

Orange is one of the most popular fruit to be made into juice for its refreshing taste and benefit mainly famous for the vitamin C. Even though they are generally taste good and marketed as a beneficial drink, the fact may not simply the same. In today Minute Maid vs Simply Orange article, we are going to give you information regarding these two popular orange based drinks and what they are made of, so you can choose wisely. If you like one/both of them, check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why drinking Orange Juice
– What are Minute Maid and Simply Orange
– What Minute Maid and Simply Orange are made of
– Minute Maid vs Simply Orange

Orange Juice Benefit
Orange juice are commonly serves with breakfast and is the most popular way to consume oranges. If it is made from real oranges, it will also carry the benefit from orange and overall will do you good. Orange juice is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which all beneficial for our body. Taken from verywellfit, in each 1 cup of the juice contains enough vitamin C supply for the day. It also high in potassium as well as a good source of folate and thiamine.

The vitamin C is known to be an essential for healthy blood vessel walls and connective tissues in your skin while also good for your immune system function. As an antioxidant, the vitamin will also protect your body from free radical damage. Folate itself is good for red blood cell formation and for mothers-to-be is commonly popular to prevent spina bifida, which is a type of birth defect. The potassium is beneficial for nerve and muscle function as well as help maintaining body fluid balance together with sodium.

Even though, Orange juice seems so healthy, you still have to limit the consumption since it is fairly high in calories and carbohydrate. In each 8-ounce cup of the juice commonly contains 112 calories and almost 26 grams of carbohydrate, so drinking more than a cup a day will also increase your calories intake. Orange fruit at the other hand only has 60 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrate but of course with lower Vitamin C at 70 milligrams. Read our previous article on Pomegranate vs Orange here.

About Minute Maid and Simply Orange
We are sure most of you ever have a taste of Minute Maid since this brand is very popular and sold in many countries. Not only orange juice, they also offer a wide range of other fruit based beverages. The brand is owned by the Coca Cola Company and is the first company to market orange juice concentrate while also the largest marketer of fruit juices and drinks. Back then, the company was named Florida Food Inc., but then change several times until it becomes The Minute Maid Company in 1996.

At the other hand, Simply Orange is actually created by Minute Maid division, so it is in fact owned by the brand. It is launched in 2001 and even though the name is Simply Orange, it not only market orange based drinks but also offers not-from concentrate orange juices as well as other juice drinks and fruit juice you can find easily in any grocery stores or convenience stores. You can distinguish them from other brand by its wider bottle body that start tapering to a narrow neck and green seal.

Minute Maid and Simply Orange Ingredients
When it comes to comparing two beverages at the same time, the most important part is of course the ingredients. Depend on what version you buy, both brands offer a non-GMO juices for those with the concern and regular package with no labeling. You may also choose whether you want it with some pulp or not and for those who want extra benefit, you can even choose the juice that also enriched with calcium and vitamin D. The liquid is a bit paler in this version than it regular ones.

On the ingredient list itself, Minute Maid are very vary and you should read the label before making any purchase since they equally offer those made from concentrate and pure orange juice in Pure Squeezed drink, so the ingredients will also vary. The one in our picture above is made from concentrate and contains pure filtered water as well as vitamin C. But, if you choose the Pure Squeezed, the ingredient will be one and only orange juice.

With Simply Orange, all of their product are not made from concentrate, so you can rest assure when picking them from shelve. The one we used in our example picture above is the Pulp Free variant, which is made with only orange juice. If you pick the calcium and vitamin D enriched version, those substance will also listed on the ingredients list since some of the source are not naturally present in oranges.

If we are comparing the concentrate based Minute Maidwith pure orange juice Simply Orange, the nutrition details will also differ. Minute Maid only contains 90% vitamin C, 2% of calcium, 10% thiamin, 6% vitamin B6, 4% Niacin, 8% magnesium and 15% Folate while the Pure Squeezed juice will have 8% Thiamin, 4% vitamin B6, 2% Niacin, 6% magnesium, and 10% folate. At the other hand, Simply Orange with 100% orange juice contains 100% vitamin C, 10% Thiamin, 4% Vitamin B6, 6% Magnesium, 2% Calcium, 2% Niacin, and 15% Folate.

In taste, we are aware that people have their own preferences, but these two brands are actually taste similarly good. They are a bit watery and sweet without being too acidic. However, Simply Orange is said to have stronger orange taste than Minute Maid even in its Pure Squeezed version.

Now, let’s compare Minute Maid with Simply Orange. As you already know, these two are manufactured by the same company, so their ingredients and taste are not that far apart. From price point, Simply Orange is more expensive than Minute Maid even though you can get many other more expensive bottles out there. From the nutrition detail comparison above, we can see that Simply Orange has more vitamin C than Minute Maid with more concentrated orange flavor.

Minute Maid vs Simply Orange
Minute MaidSimply Orange
- Offer both concentrated and pure orange juice- Made from 100% pure orange juice
- 90% vitamin C- 100% vitamin C
- More affordable- More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally tasty and can be a good source of Vitamin C if not consumed excessively. However, if we are to choose we will recommend you the pure orange juice Simply Orange with more Vitamin C.