Pinot Grigio vs Chardonnay

Over the year white wine is popular among woman, it is said that more women drink white wine than red wine. Both of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnays is the most popular white wine. Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay look exactly the same when pours in a glass, but they have different taste and also characteristic. For a beginner you may not know how to differentiate them, the only way is to taste each one of them and compare which one is suit your preference better. here is some information on both of them.

Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio is a white wine grape from the species vinifera. It is said to be a mutant of the Pinot Noir, it has a grayish blue fruit, and sometimes the fruit can also have a brownish pink to black and white appearance. Pinot Grigio can be grown anywhere around the world, it has “spicy” full-bodied Alsatian and lighter-bodied, but the most well-known is the more acidic Italian style. The Alsatian style in Marlborough, Tasmania, South Australia, Washington and Oregon is commonly have moderate to low acidity, contains higher alcohol, and has an almost oily texture which is contribute to the full-bodied wine. The Pinot Grigio grapes are harvested early to keep it refreshing acidity and minimizing some the overt-fruitiness of the variety, so I can produce more natural taste. It is wise to know some difference in this Pinot Grigio type of wine.

Italian Pinot Grigio has a total dry with brilliant acidity combined with a bitter almond note flavor. The French pinot gris has a flesh and more unctuous with faint honey notes from botrytis. While American Pinot Grigio often has a more exaggerated fruit flavors and with less acidity than European counterparts. Pinot Grigio can be a good pair with light fish dishes. Light seafood dishes seem to take on more flavor when matched with equally delicate white wines, such as Pinot Grigio or arneis from Italy or Chablis from France. While the sweet Pinot gris is good to pair with fish, meat, turkey, pork or duck. It is also good to pair with semi-soft to firm cows and sheep milk cheese such as Gruyere, Muenster, and grana Padano. Pinot gris also good to pair with Vegetables like salad as well as braised and well spiced greens. When enjoying vegetable with Pinot Gris use shallot, garlic and ginger as a flavor base. You can eat cucumber, yellow squash, celery, onion, parsnip, jicama, kale, green apple, green melon, white beans, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Chardonnay is a green grape variety used in the making of white wine. This variety of green grape comes from the Burgundy wine region in eastern France. But currently chardonnay is grown in England to New Zealand. The chardonnay is also used in the making of sparkling wine such as Franciacorta. Chardonnay grape has a very neutral taste with many flavor comes from terroir and oak. Chardonnay is vinified in many different styles, start from the lean, crisply mineral wines of chablis, France to New World wines with oak and tropical fruit flavor. When grown in a cool climates like in Carneros AVA of California, chardonnay is tend to have a medium to light body with noticeable acidity and flavors of green plum, apple, and pear. But when grown in a warmer region such as in Adelaide Hills and Mornington Peninsula in Australia the flavor becomes more fruity, like citrus, peach and melon. While in a very warm region chardonnay can gives a more of tropical fruit flavor with buttery mouthfeel and hazelnut notes.

Chardonnay is an important part in the sparkling wine making around the world, including Champagne. The young, from cool climates chardonnay is good to pair with delicate food such as lightly cooked shellfish, steamed or grilled fish, chicken or vegetable terrines and pasta with spring vegetables. Fruitiere chardonnay is good to pair with a slightly richer dishes such as fish pie and fish cakes. While full-bodied chardonnays is good to pair with eggs benedict and steak béarnaise. Mature chardonnays is good to pair with umami dishes such as grilled, seared or roast shellfish, simply roast chicken like poulet de bresse, guinea fowl, and wild mushrooms or tomato. It is not recommended to eat smoked fish and meats or Chinese food, since it won’t go well with Chardonnay.

Pinot GrigioChardonnay
-White wine grape from the species vinifera- Green grape variety used in the making of white wine
- Can be perfectly paired with light foods like pasta, chicken and light fish (sea) dishes- Chardonnay pairs ideally with heavier and more complex meals like pork dishes, lobster and heavy cream sauces
- Pinot Grigio is a wetter than Chardonnay- Chardonnay is a drier wine

Both of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay have some things in common, both of them serve and easy shippable white wines. The difference is in its taste, chardonnays have a buttery and pinot grigio has a crisp fresh and fruity flavor. Choosing between both of them is practically depending on your taste and what food you want to pair them with. If you want a fresh and fruity wines while eating seafood Pinot Grigio may be the best option for you. While if you want to enjoy richer meals like pork dishes chardonnays is a better option for you.