Red Bull vs Monster

Modern people are now much more active and busier than ever before. That’s why energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy become very popular. Regardless of the debate over the health risks of such energy drinks, they remain popular especially among young people. So between Red Bull vs Monster Energy, which one is better and healthier?

In this article, you can read more about:
– The differences between Red Bull and Monster Energy,
– The effectiveness of these energy drinks,
– The potential side effects & health risks of each energy drink, and
– Which energy drink that is relatively better.

Serving Size
The very first difference between Red Bull and Monster Energy is the serving size. Red Bull comes in smaller serving sizes. There are 8-oz cans and 12-oz cans. Many people prefer the smaller serving sizes because they are much easier to drink. You can gulp the whole content more quickly. See also: Red Bull vs Coffee.

On the other hand, Monster Energy comes in a larger serving size. It comes in 16-oz cans. Some people like the larger serving size because they can enjoy the drink for a longer time. However, busy and practical people don’t like it because it takes more time to consume.

Caffeine and Other Ingredients
As a matter of fact, both Red Bull and Monster Energy come with similar amounts of caffeine. Their caffeine levels are pretty high. Caffeine is used to make the drinker feel more awake, focused, and energized.

Both energy drinks also use taurine and some other additional ingredients, such as B vitamins and minerals. Red Bull seems to have slightly lower amounts of taurine and other additional ingredients compared to Monster Energy, due to the serving sizes.

Sugar Content
Energy drinks usually contain very high sugar levels. The whole calorie content of an energy drink comes from the sugar. That’s why you have to be careful in consuming energy drinks. They may cause various health issues if consumed excessively. Occasional consumption won’t have too much health risk, but frequent consumption is dangerous.

Red Bull vs Monster Energy contains lower sugar. Each serving only has about 37 grams of sugar. So, you can say that Red Bull is relatively healthier. There is even Sugar-Free Red Bull, which is suitable for diabetic people. According to Wikipedia, the sugar-free version uses aspartame and acesulfame K sweeteners.

Monster Energy contains much higher sugar. Each serving has about 54 grams of sugar. Hence, the flavor is sweeter. But this also means that Monster Energy has a higher risk. The high sugar content may cause weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Flavor Choices
Red Bull has fewer flavor choices. On the other hand, Monster Energy is available in many more flavors. Some examples are Original, Lo-Carb, Ripper, Assault, and Hit Man. With more flavor choices, you can have more options to try and you will be less bored with the drink.

Red Bull vs Monster
Red BullMonster Energy
- Smaller serving size, easier to drink- Larger serving size, takes longer to drink
- Slightly lower amounts of additional ingredients- Higher amounts of additional ingredients
- Lower sugar, also has a sugar-free variant- Higher sugar
- Relatively lower health risk- Higher health risk
- Fewer flavor choices- Many flavor choices

In general, Red Bull is more recommended. It contains lower sugar, so it has relatively lower health risk. In addition, it even has Sugar-Free Red Bull, which is a great choice for diabetic people and those who want to avoid excessive sugar consumption.