Red Wine vs White Wine

Wine is a classy alcoholic drink that is often enjoyed as it is or to be paired with fancy dinner. They are made from grape fruits with lots of varieties to try and choose from but the basic types are Red Wine Vs White Wine. The two have their own fans and very different characteristics as well as the ingredients used to make them. For those wondering which of the variants to try first or just want to know the differences, do check what they are below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the History of Wine
  • What are Red Wine and White Wine
  • What are the Grapes Varieties for Red Wine and White Wine
  • How are the Process to Make Red Wine and White Wine
  • What are the Health Benefit of Red Wine and White Wine
  • How to Food Pair Red Wine and White Wine
  • Red Wine Vs White Wine

History of Wine

Alcoholic beverages have been around since our ancestors’ day, since early civilization and since humans know how to ferment produce. They are still around and going strong today because of the taste and alcohol content itself. It helps you relax, enjoy the time better, and help warming the body especially in cold weather. However, there are also many of us who are in love with the complexity of the beverage and how they taste different from one another which is kind of unique as many are made with the same ingredient or methods.

Among those many alcoholic beverages, wine is probably one of the oldest and has been consumed for thousands of years. It is surprising to see how far the beverage lasts but it seems that our fondness of the liquid comes from the wonderful taste itself because typically wine is low in alcohol content. It is very unique and probably one among very few or the only one that has such an impact. For example the trade of wine between cultures opened up for channels for religious and philosophical ideals to spread across Europe back then.

Long time or Centuries ago, the wine industry was also the mark of a provident country because at the time only developed societies could support a prosperous and competitive wine industry so this is also why some people said that the western society was built on wine as its foundation. 

For the invention of wine itself, no one really knows when it was first fermented but there is an ancient Persian fable that recognizes women as the discoverer of wine and based on the fable, the woman was a princess who had lost favor with the king. The shame she was enduring was extremely overwhelming that she was eating spoiled grapes in a jar in an attempt to end her life. The effort was not successful because instead of dying, she was intoxicated and passed out.

After she was woken up, her feeling seemed to be better as all of her problems were lifted and then she continued to eat the spoiled grapes to help the mood and even regain the favor of the king. While this sounds like a tale rather than an actual discovery of wine, there are chances that the beverage was accidentally discovered a few times in different regions and what most people are sure of is that the process itself is not planned or just happened to result in the alcoholic beverage.

About Red Wine and White Wine

Nowadays wines are being consumed worldwide but they are also classified generally as two Red Wine and White Wine. There are actually more than these two but it is easy to separate the beverage based on the color itself before digging in deeper into the character of the liquid. Both of them are also equally popular but when people mention wine, what comes first in our head is probably the red liquid as it represents the shade of the fruit itself.

Red Wine, as the name suggests is a type of wine which is made from dark-colored grape varieties. While being called “red”, the actual color of wine itself is not always red instead, it is intense violet to brick red and even brown for older wines. The juice from grapes with the most purple skin is usually greenish-white while the red color is coming from anthocyanin pigments present in the skin of the grape. Except for teinturier varieties which are producing red-colored juice.

On the other hand, the white wine is the type of wine that is fermented without skin contact and if you ask whether it can be made from red grape, the answer is yes, it can be made from red grapes but the process itself made the red color which comes from the skin is not included in the juice making. The color or white wine is not exactly white or clear like water but instead it is straw-yellow, yellow-green, or yellow-gold.

While can be made from red grape varieties, the majority of white wines are made from white grapes as well with green or yellow skin such as Chardonnay, Riesling, and Sauvignon blanc. In an example of white wine made from colored grapes, as long as the wort is not stained, it can work too such as the popular Pinot noir variety which is popular being made into champagne. For Champagne itself, this is a variety of white wine but with addition of carbon dioxide. Read also: Sake vs Shochu.

Red Wine and White Wine Grape Varieties

When talking about the variety of grapes made into the wine, not all of them are the same and there are plenty of them that can be made into either Red Wine or White Wine. The most popular varieties of grape made into red wine are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot noir, Malbec, Syrah, and Zinfandel. For example the Cabernet Sauvignon is very popular due to its prominence in Bordeaux wines where it is blended with Merlot and Cabernet Franc. It is a fairly new variety by crossing between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon blanc.

Similarly, there are also lots of varieties that can be made into white wine but only some are well-known and more popular than the rest. Chardonnay is probably one, if not the most popular variety. It is originating from Burgundy and has spread to many new producing countries. It can be made into sparkling or still with typically wider-bodied and rich citrus taste compared to similar white wines. Sauvignon blanc originating from France is remarkable for the typical vegetable/mineral aromas but tend to be flat and not as fruity.

Red Wine and White Wine Making Process

The main difference between Red Wine and White Wine is their ingredients in which white wine is made without the skin thus having no red color that is giving the red wine it’s dark and mysterious shade. It is also about how the grape juice is fermented with or without the skin of the grape itself. To create a white wine, grapes have to be pressed and skins, seed, as well as stem will be removed before fermentation. But, to make red wine, the crushed fruit will be transferred directly to vat so it fermented along with the skin, seed, and stem.

What makes red wine red is the grape skin which is rich in plant compound that makes it red called tannins and resveratrol. White wine also has the same chemical compound but in a far less consistency. As it has been mentioned above, while red wine is made from red grape, white wine can be made from red grape variety as long as the skin and other parts are removed.

Red Wine and White Wine Health Benefits

Unlike most alcoholic beverages, Red Wine and White Wine are not usually consumed to get intoxicated and it is also bringing various health benefits if consumed moderately. For example dry white and red wines are naturally low in sugar compared to late harvest wine and are ideal for diabetic people or following keto diet and simply just want to reduce sugar intake. Red wine is rich in polyphenol or antioxidant and has the potential to improve good cholesterol which is great for our blood vessels.

Several studies even suggested that drinking red wine can help by slowing down age-related mental decline and this is probably due to the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of resveratrol which is highly present in red wine. Another benefit of resveratrol is easing joint pain, helps with diabetes, and extends the lifespan of various organisms including potentially help for cancer. For the nutritional value, Red Wine and White Wine are almost identical to each other.

Red Wine and White Wine Food Pairing

The last is food pairing because wine and food pairing are subject to talk in pairs. It may seem something unimportant but failed pairing the food can ruin the taste of your wine. There are tons of food pairing to try such as spicy food which is difficult to pair as it can overwhelm the wine’s subtle flavor due to the intense spice. But, fatty meats will go well with red wine in different ranges while sharp white wine like Sauvignon Blanc is great with cheese, oysters, or green vegetables.

Red Wine vs White Wine

Wine is a very popular alcoholic beverage being consumed in the world and it is adored for the unique taste that can vary among varieties and types. Red Wine and White Wine are the two main types of wines with differences not only on the color of the liquid but also in the ingredients and the way they are fermented. They have different taste and can be paired with different food as well. For health benefits red wine is rich in antioxidants while either dry white or red wine is a good choice for people reducing sugar intake.

Red Wine White Wine
- Made from red grapes- Can be made from red and white grapes
- Fermented with skin, seed, and stem- Fermented only with the fruit flesh
- Rich in antioxidant- Low in antioxidant
- Typically aged in oak barrels vats- Typically aged in stainless steel


All in all the two are tasty and have their own charms. It is up to you to choose and try but we highly recommend tasting the two and decide which fits in your preference the most or if you have a certain favorite dish, it is great to look for a wine that pairs best with the food.