Seltzer Water vs Club Soda

Seltzer water and club soda are popular since many years ago. People drink seltzer water and club soda often to substitute the usual plain water, since it has some kick compare to the regular water which does not have. Both seltzer water and club soda are carbonated water, which means it was added with carbon dioxide to enhance it taste. Both of them are more similar rather than different. Some people may choose one over the other based on their personal references. Since many people are still confused about the difference and similarities between both of them. Here is some information regarding seltzer water and club soda.

Seltzer Water
Seltzer water is simply a carbonated water. Carbonated water means that the water has been dissolved with carbon dioxide. It doesn’t have any additives, such as sodium. Some company may sell flavored seltzer water but seltzer water is originally plain water that is carbonated. Carbonated water was first invented in 1767 by Joseph Priestley. He discovered it when trying to suspend a bowl of water above a beer vat brewery in Leeds, England. In 1772 he then release a paper titled impregnating water with fixed air. People can drink seltzer water by itself, but it is common to add some fruit juice to seltzer water to enhance it taste. This method can be used as a healthy alternatives to sugary drink. It has far lower calorie and more nutritious compare sugary beverages.

In the U.S the FDA include sparkling water, soda water, tonic water, seltzer water, and club soda into soft drinks categories not bottled water. Some people not only drink seltzer water but also cooking with it. People said that cooking tempura with seltzer water gave a better results compare to almond milk or any type of nut milk. When cooking tempura with seltzer water it is recommended to chill the water first so the carbon dioxide does not escape. The bubbles created in the batter will give a buoyant texture when heated. Some people also use alcohol or beer in their recipes. Because carbonated water has a higher acidity compare to regular water, many people are afraid it may damage their tooth enamel. But a study in 2001 in “Journal of Oral Rehabilitation” found that even though carbonated water or sparkling mineral water have a slightly more erosive compare to regular water, the damage is likely still 100 timer lower than soda.

Club Soda
Club soda is plain water with added carbon dioxide, and some similar to mineral ingredients for example sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, and potassium sulfate. Club soda can be drink by itself, but just as the same as seltzer water, it is common to add some fruit juice into the club soda, as a sugary drinks healthier substitute. People often used it in mocktail, by combining it with lime juice and bitters or when making alcohol free drinks. Some traditional alcoholic drink also used club soda as an ingredients. The club soda are mixed with lemon or lime juice and gin or vodka.

Not only in drink, but club soda also can be used in food recipe. People substitute the water or milk in waffle and pancake batter with soda water to produce extra light and fluffy final results. It also can be applied when making scrambled eggs. When cooking oyster some people soak their oyster in club soda for a couple minutes to ease the shucking. It also can be used to make tempura batter with the same method and reasoning like seltzer water. Club soda is just like any plain water does not contains any calorie, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, or sugar. In a 12 oz. club soda serving may contains approximately 0,0004 mg manganese, 0,04 mg iron, 4 mg magnesium, 7 mg potassium, 75 mg sodium, 0,21 mg copper, and 0,35 mg zinc. Similar with seltzer water many people are concerns about the damage club soda may give to our dental health. It is true that club soda is more acidic than water but the corrosive effect is far lower below soda, so it is still safe to drink club soda than sugary soda.

Seltzer WaterClub Soda
- Simply a carbonated water- Plain water with added carbon dioxide
- Can be directly consumed in the form of a water seltzer or add some fruit juice to enhance the taste.- Used in mocktail, by combining it with lime juice and bitters or when making alcohol free drinks
- Substitute almond milk or some kind of peanut milk in cooking- Water or milk substitute in waffle and pancake dough

The most obvious difference between seltzer and club soda is the taste. The ingredients added in club soda affects its taste. Club soda is commonly mixed with some mineral such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, and potassium sulfate. While seltzer water is basically plain water added with some carbon dioxide. The usage of both seltzer water and club soda may be interchangeable in cooking recipes. But when used as a drink mixer they may not be interchangeable, since it will affect the drink taste. There is so little different between both of seltzer water and club soda, so there is no recommendation on choosing both of them, except from the taste. The only way is to taste them one by one, and distinguish the different. You may choose which one suit your taste better.