Spindrift Sparkling Water vs La Croix

Sparkling water has been very popular in the last several years and the sales continue to rise since they are fun to drink and healthier than our diet soda in the past. Spindrift sparkling water vs La Croix are probably the most popular brands when it comes to sparkling water but may also be a bit different in ingredients and taste. If you want to try them, go check what we know about these two below before getting a can from nearby store.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you love Sparkling Water
  • What are Spindrift Sparkling Water and La Croix
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  • Spindrift Sparkling Water vs La Croix

Sparkling Water

In the past, we know seltzer comes in a bottle, most often green and we are sure people are already familiar with them when dining in fancy restaurants or just want something taste “better” than the regular bottled water. While they have been around for quite some time now, their popularity is still as high as ever but today, with a little bit of twist. This is because of how we see flavored seltzer, frizzy or carbonated water as the healthier substitution from popular sodas that has lots of sugar.

People nowadays are more concerned about their health and this is why we choose to pick our food wisely as well as limiting sugar intake which is not very good for our health when consumed too much in a long term; take obesity as one of the risks. To answer customers’ demand on a healthier beverages, especially the type we enjoy to consume in a hot summer or in midday to refresh our body, flavored sparkling water is widely available today.

They start small and not very interesting in the past but we have a huge market that produce a wide variety of sparkling water, the flavored versions to quench your thirst without having to worry about the high calories from sugar. Many of them are claimed to use natural flavors and sweeteners as well as zero calories which is great in case you are currently monitoring calorie intake.

About Spindrift Sparkling Water and La Croix

Since we have so many options to choose from, the best method to set your eyes is to taste all of them or at least those seems promising in your eyes. We have La Croix, Spindrift, Bubly Sparkling Water vs ICE Sparkling Water, Polar, Perrier, and many more but today, we are going to talk about probably the two most popular among them. They perhaps not necessarily the best in all aspects since not all of us have the same “taste” but they are adored by many.

We are sure most people ever taste some of the mentioned brands above and find some not as pleasant or tasty while one or two are very enjoyable. We are free to choose about personal preference but if your goal is to pick a healthier option, the ingredients and what they are made of can be a good reference to start. Both of Spindrift and La Croix are a good replacement for your high calorie soft drink because they don’t use artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners.

Spindrift Sparkling Water and La Croix Ingredients

However, recently La Croix is having an issue when customers want to know what exactly this natural flavors are and how they can flavors our beverages. Their clearest explanation so far is they come from or derived from natural essence oils of fruits which the can is describing and for information, they have 21 in total different flavors. What’s more confusing is taken from Vox, their spokesperson said “Essence is Feelings and Sensory Effects” which is not actually answering questions for general customers.

Removing the confusing and hard to understand words, this essence is more like the extract of something like skin, fruit or rinds that is heated up and sometimes added with alcohol then we capture the vapor rising up the concoction. If it is the one they use, we are indeed have been utilizing this “essence” since long time ago for various purposes. 

If the seemingly mystery La Croix is making you feel a little bit uncomfortable, you may want to see what Spindrift do to avoid confusion and how they make their customers drink at ease. Unlike some flavored sparkling water manufacturers, they don’t use natural flavors and removing essences from its line of unsweetened sparkling waters. What’s unique is they change into “real fruit” for this line that can guarantee you a real refreshing taste with peace of mind which is why many people start moving to this brand.

Bill Creelman, the founder of the brand made this beverage to help himself kicking the habit of consuming diet soda which is very relatable and the good news is they also donate 1% of its profits to environmental organizations. Using real fruit or easily understood as fruit juice in their beverages makes them taste like the original source, well not exactly same but better than the common fruit flavored drinks. However, this decision makes a higher cost and working with real fruit is challenging for the ingredients must be in great quality.

Spindrift Sparkling Water and La Croix Taste

When it comes to refreshment, some people may have to think their option thorough because of some dubious ingredients but, at the end of the day, taste is what matters in our tongue; it doesn’t know much about what we seeped. Spindrift is often said to be “truer” since it is using fruit juice which is very tempting such as grapefruit that seems like everybody’s favorite but La Croix is also tasty and comparing them from taste alone, the latter actually have nicer smooth bubbles.


Now, let’s compare Spindrift Sparkling Water with La Croix. As you may already know, both of them are refreshing drinks that can be a healthier option to replace our regular soft drinks but, Spindrift is more natural because it is using real fruit juice to flavor the beverages so there is a light hue of the certain fruit used in each can as opposed to natural flavors or essence. In taste, we like the Spindrift because it is mimicking and taste of a real fruit.

Spindrift Sparkling Water vs La Croix

Spindrift Sparkling WaterLa Croix
- Use fruit juice - Use natural flavors
- More expensive - More affordable
- Not as well-known - More popular
- Taste natural- May not taste as authentic


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us have the same preference and even though La Croix is using natural flavors, it is by no means harmful to our body so we are fine with any of them. However, from both of these beands, we do like the taste and more at ease with Spindrift.