Spindrift Vs Bubly

Humans, animals, and plants all need water to survive and for humans, we need to drink water everyday in order for our body to function properly. Along with regular water, seltzer water or flavored beverages adds a spark to your day and mood which is why beverages such as Spindrift Vs Bubly are very popular. These brands can replace the soda crave and are even healthier while still taste great. For those who plan on stocking on these canned beverages, do check which attracts your preference better here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Drinking Water is Important
  • What are Spindrift and Bubly
  • How are the Package and Flavors of Spindrift and Bubly
  • What Spindrift and Bubly are Made With
  • What Spindrift and Bubly are Categorized in
  • Are Spindrift and Bubly Bad for Teeth Health
  • Spindrift Vs Bubly

Water and Health

While we all know that water is important to sustain life, apparently not all of us are fond of drinking water. The common reasons as to why some people hate drinking water is because they don’t have any taste hence the boring flavor and are not very attractive to gulp while the clear liquid may not be very appetizing for some people. On the other hand there are also people who seem to always forget to drink throughout the day for various reasons; being busy and chasing a deadline is probably one of them.

Because of the crucial function, our body will need water everyday and the requirement may vary among people depending on their level of activities because naturally the more active we are, the more water we need. They are necessary to quench thirst and to regulate body temperature but also to keep the tissue in the body to stay moisturized. Our body also knows how to tell us if it needs water by the feeling of dryness on the eyes or nose and thirsty itself.

Water also helps the body to remove waste because the adequate water intake will be excreted through perspiration, urination, and defecation. They help to keep our kidney healthy by removing waste from the blood and keeping the blood vessels that run to kidneys open while also filtering them out. If you have experienced constipation lately, besides the lack of fiber in the diet you may also lack water or not drinking enough water. Water also helps with digestion as they play a role in breaking down the food we eat.

Another reason to drink water throughout the day to hydrate your body is because it helps your brain to function optimally. If you ever feel a foggy head then try to take a sip of water because research shows that dehydration is a drag to memory, attention, and even energy. This is actually not surprising because H20 makes up 75% of the brain and hence, they have strong connections.

For those who are not very fond of plain water there are other methods to help us get enough water everyday from food. There are plenty of vegetables and fruits with high concentration of water such as watermelon, celery, tomatoes, melon, and oranges. Consuming dishes such as soups and making smoothies is also a great way to help you get enough water while also making you feel full. If plain water is not as interesting, we can also try hot or cold tea preferably without any sweetener or sugar, coconut water, natural juice, fruit infused water, and sparkling water.

About Spindrift and Bubly

Compared to just plain water, beverages with flavors are easier to gulp and more attractive that let us drink more but, unfortunately most of them are also not as healthy as regular plain water, mostly because of the high sugar content and low acidity. Many people trick their plain water with a few slices of fresh fruit to give it a taste but since they are not sweet, you may find them not as delicious as well. Thankfully, there are plenty of healthier options now, instead of traditional soda.

With the concern regarding health which is prominently shown each year due to high consumption of sugar in flavored beverages like soda or sport drinks, people start to move into a healthier option and now there are lots of new beverage brands that offer the solution. Spindrift and Bubly are just two of them in the ocean of flavored, canned beverages with their unique taste and refreshing water. Other brands La Croix which you can check in our La Croix Vs Spindrift here have enjoyed a wide popularity for being all natural.

Natural is the tagline of many products but in many cases there are still doubts as companies never fully provide disclosure on what their products are made from which for some can be quite concerning. For Spindrift and Bubly, their beverages are also designed to be equally refreshing and bubble or carbonation helps the water taste better. The two are very similar to each other but taking the market of similar beverages, Bubly is actually more similar to La Croix.

The two have lots of flavors, interestingly unique and mimic the flavors of regular soda or juices we used to have in the past but, without all the scary sugar and caffeine. When it comes to taste, we agree that people have their own preference so we will leave it to you but personally the two are delicious, moreover, if drunk cold on a hot day or after lunch to give some mood booster while you finish today’s tasks.

Spindrift and Bubly Package and Flavors

We will only know how the beverage tastes after taking a sip but in marketing, the packaging matters and this is why both Spindrift and Bubly are designed to be attractive. These canned beverages come in colorful cans, following the flavors it is made with so lime is green and magenta for cranberry flavor. All cans are also the same size of 12 fl oz. For the flavor collections, currently Spindrift has 11 flavors in the catalogue ranging from the common grapefruit to the exotic combination of orange and mango.

Bubly also has various flavors to try with variants like apple, blackberry, cherry, cranberry, grapefruit, plain, lemon, lime, mango, orange, passionfruit, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon. As for the price, they vary widely based on the flavors so the more unique they are, it seems the more expensive but one can usually range around $0.5-$0.7 if you buy in a bulk.

Spindrift and Bubly Flavors

Because most of us are moving from the unhealthy habit of drinking too much sweetened beverage, it is important to see what Spindrift and Bubly are made of and consider whether they are healthy to have often. This is also what’s very different about the two because Bubly is similar to La Croix in which the flavors come from natural flavoring so they are probably similar to essential oils of the related fruits. The concern about such flavoring is we don’t really know what they are actually as chemically complex.

On the other hand, Spindrift is using a different approach to flavoring in which they are using real fruit juice. This is written on the can and the way they only use two ingredients that are sparkling water and fruit juice is much relaxing for people who wonder where the taste comes from. But, as this comes from fruit, some of their calories will also come into the beverage and hence they are zero calories. As for the amount of juice, they seem to put different percentages depending on the fruit.

Spindrift and Bubly Water

For fizzy water enthusiasts, the terms soda, sparkling, seltzer, and tonic water can be very confusing. In general, all of them are carbonated whether it occurs naturally or added into the can or bottle before shipping. Both Spindrift and Bubly are calling themselves as sparkling water and similar to other brands, this only means water that has been carbonated hence the bubbly taste. This is also what makes soda refreshing and gives an awakening kick when gulped as just flavored water won’t taste as interesting.

Spindrift and Bubly for Teeth Health

While regular sparkling or seltzer water have no side effects except bloating or gassy stomach if you have gastrointestinal issues, since Spindrift and Bubly are added with flavors they are also low in pH or more acid than regular water. This sparks concern among health enthusiasts and carbonated water in general because the acidity may damage the teeth and make them prone to corrosion. However, it seems that the difference in acidity is not so great as soda and sports water.

Depending on the beverage flavor, fruits that are naturally more acid like lime and lemon will have a lower pH. Experts also agree that while carbonated water is not the best for your teeth, they are not as scary as news that has been circulating. Of course this is unless you have a habit like keeping the liquid in the mouth, prolonging the contact before gulping or drinking them everyday throughout the day.

Spindrift Vs Bubly

Both of these beverages are great to replace our soda drinking habit and they are not sweetened so we don’t have to worry about the calories, making them ideal for people who keep track of calorie intake. The difference is in the source of their flavors because Bubly is using natural flavoring which is not really exposed to the public about the real components while Spindrift has juice in it to give it the taste of real fruit but, it also has a slight calorie from the fruit.

- Made with fruit juice- Made with natural flavors
- Less flavor collection- More variants
- Taste better (subjective)- Attractive packaging


In comparison, both of them are better than sport beverages or soda and for the taste they are delicious but, personally we like Spindrift better because the ingredients puts our mind at ease and not guessing around.