Spindrift vs Izze

There are lots of different tasty beverages out there that you can choose to replace the regular soda that are high in sugars and artificial ingredients. Among those, Spindrift Vs Izze are very ideal if you want refreshing beverages that are safer to be consumed often because they are using natural ingredients and not as packed with sugars yet still taste really good. For those who are interested, do check our comparison below to see what they are made from and which seems to attract your interest the most.

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  • What are the Flavoring of Spindrift and Izze
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  • Spindrift Vs Izze

Flavored Carbonated Water

It is no doubt that water is good for you because the fact that our body needs it to function properly. But, what about the many other beverages today that you can easily grab from the convenient store and pay for a pretty affordable price? They are fine to consume once in a while but still, plain regular water is what our body needs the most, no calorie, not acidic, and no worries. But, there are also options that can be better for you than regular soda or sweetened beverages.

These flavored beverages are very popular nowadays and there is a concern about whether they are safe or not. These flavored beverages are becoming what soda used to and now plenty of companies are jumping into the market including Pepsi with their Bubly drink that you can read in our Spindrift Vs Bubly. For those who are not really a fan of plain water, these can be the best alternative to make sure we are getting enough water everyday.

The problem is, they are tasty and also fizzy or bubbly which are what we familiarly related with soda. First, what’s concerning is the flavoring in the beverage which may come from both natural and artificial flavorings. They are usually listed on the ingredient lists so we can be sure of what they are made of but chances are, those labeled as natural flavor come from the fruit, veggies, or natural material itself in order to transfer the flavor into other mixtures.

Next is carbonation which is often known as a cause of calcium loss in bones including our teeth. Based on the 2006 study in 2,500 people to determine the effects of carbonated beverages, it only shows the effect for Cola beverages and not other sodas for the fact that Cola has phosphorus which increases loss of calcium. As for the tooth decay, the issue is from acid, sugar, and salt that are being added into the beverage that has been found to cause the issue.

There is also a misconception that carbon dioxide dissolved as carbonic acid which is highly acidic and damaging the teeth but, the 1999 study and one more from 2012 suggest that it is not the case because the concentration of carbon dioxide doesn’t harm the teeth enamel. What causes the acidic result is citric acid often added into the beverage from the flavoring to make it fresh and more fruit-like. It is also not as dangerous unless you have a habit like keeping the liquid in the mouth for longer before swallowing, prolonging the contact with teeth.

About Spindrift and Izze

Overall, beverages that don’t contain artificial ingredients and are not added with sugar are in general safer to consume than regular soda we probably are more familiar with. They are also tasty because depending on what the manufacturer is adding into the beverage, there are plenty of natural flavors that can be quite similar to real fruit or even real juice if you prefer the more natural and straightforward ingredients. But, at the end it is about which taste best for you.

Now there are plenty of similar beverages in the market and before stocking up on them in your refrigerator, we recommend at least knowing a bit about what they are made from as it will put your mind at ease when gulping the cold beverage. Among those, Spindrift and Izze are two popular options we can try that are also similarly tasty with various flavors to choose from. The two are more similar to sparkling water than soda because of their rather subtle taste.

Spindrift is fairly new in the beverage business and probably one of the most successful as well in the market. First shipping their product in 2010, now they are very popular among young people especially who are aware of the danger from consuming too much sugar in their diet which makes them choose the beverage instead of Cola or other typical soda. The brand name itself is said to be inspired by the white wash of wave or windblown surf.

On the other hand, Izze is owned by the famous beverage company PepsiCo, similar to Bubly and Mirinda. This brand was founded in 2002 and based out of Boulder, Colorado with a mission to offer beverages for health-conscious people with fruit juice and sparkling water blends as well as want to use the sale gathered to help the struggling communities. In a glance Spindrift and Izze are very similar but they are not exactly the same and our personal option is still Spindrift.

Spindrift and Izze Package and Variant

Not only the “healthy” promise itself, these beverages are already eye-catching from the package. As you can see from the sample picture above, they are made to be colorful, attractive especially when just come out of the refrigerator and chilled. Izze comes in a slim tall can and glass bottle, different from typical flavored sparkling waters in the market, including Spindrift. Packaging wise it is very simple and personally we love the glass bottle as you can see the liquid directly.

But, cans are better in preserving the carbonation which is important because they won’t be as tasty without the bubble. Currently, Spindrift has a total of 11 different flavors in the collection including the plain one and Pineapple flavor which is quite new in the line. As for the Izze beverage, there are a total of 9 different flavors in the collection such as Clementine and Apple along with interesting lemonade in blackberry and original flavor.

Spindrift and Izze Ingredients

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Spindrift and Izze are made with and starting from Spindrift first, this beverage is very simple because they are claimed to be made only from carbonated water and real fruit juice. Yes, real fruit juice which means this beverage will have calories just like how other fruit juices are. Depending on the variant, this fruit juice can range from 5% to 10% of the beverage which is also measured to give the best flavor into each can.

On the other hand, the Izze water is mixing a lot more into the beverage with juice concentrate, citric acid, gum Arabic, coloring, and ascorbic acid. Juice concentrate is concentrated from juice which the liquid or water has evaporated and this contains calories or probably fructose as it is made from juice. In comparison the calorie is different based on the flavors variant itself such as the grapefruit of Spindrift contains 17 calorie while Izze in the same flavor contains 90 calorie.

Spindrift and Izze Flavoring

Similarly, both Spindrift and Izze are using fruit to give the beverage it’s refreshing flavors but they are using different types of juice because concentrate is the powder made from fruit juice itself which in the making process might be added with other ingredients we are not aware of yet. It is also using natural flavor in the combination probably in order to give a more pronounced flavor. Natural flavor is derived from fruit or plants and other natural sources such as essential oils used by La Croix.

The fruit juice used in Spindrift is not certified organic but they want to make this ingredient as straightforward and transparent which is why they choose to use just the fruit juice but, do note that fruit naturally contains fructose as well. These fruits are said to be sourced from the farmers in the U.S.

Spindrift and Izze Taste

Now for the taste, let’s see which tastes better between Spindrift and Izze because the two are using fruit juice which means they should taste similarly great. In comparison, Izze is sweeter than Spindrift probably because most of the mix is made from fruit juice concentrate that also escalates the flavors, making it bolder and overall more satisfying. On the other hand Spindrift is not sweet, it is just slightly sweet and has a murky color which may look unappealing for some but contains far less sugar.

Spindrift vs Izze

These beverages are for different people and in our opinion, they are meant to be enjoyed chilled as they do taste best while cold and fizzy. In comparison, the taste will be better in Izze because it is similar to fruit juice and is sweet as well which should be enjoyed without guilt yet in moderation as it can add quite a calorie into your diet while on the other hand Spindrift is safer and won’t be a prominent calorie source.

Spindrift Izze
- Use fruit juice- Use fruit juice concentrate
- Lower in calorie- Higher calorie
- Lower in fructose- Higher fructose
- Not as prominent in taste- Prominent fruit taste


In our opinion it is better to drink plain water for most of the time and minimizing packaged food or beverages. But, between the two we will recommend Spindrift because it has very little calorie and very little sugar from fructose too, in case you want to drink the beverage often.