Spindrift vs Waterloo

There are so many refreshing beverages in the market that are designed to help you reduce sugar intake or being a healthier option of regular soda such as the popular Spindrift Vs Waterloo. While equally refreshing and taste good, usually beverage companies have their own recipes in order to make their product attract more consumers and this is the same to both brands. If you are interested in stocking one of them, do check which sounds better and which you like better between the two.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Sugar is Dangerous for Health
  • What are Spindrift and Waterloo
  • How are the Packaging and Flavor Collection of Spindrift and Waterloo 
  • What are the Ingredients of Spindrift and Waterloo
  • What are the Flavoring used in Spindrift and Waterloo
  • How are the Taste of Spindrift and Waterloo
  • Spindrift Vs Waterloo

Health Risk of Sugar

Among the many tastes our tongue can perceive, sweet is probably the most attractive to our senses and this is natural because food that tastes sweet are often nutritious and contains energy which is necessary for our species to survive. But, nowadays the same instinct is not as important anymore and even causes more health issues because what typically tastes sweet in modern days are dangerous if consumed extensively. If you are not sure yet why sugary sweet items are bad, here are some of the reasons:

Weight Gain is a worldwide issue because obesity rate is very high in so many different countries in the world. Based on data gathered from OECD countries updated last year, while the United States is not in the top 10 list of most obese countries, we are sadly at number 12 below Kuwait and above Jordan. Most countries in the top 10 are small islands where the people have to bring food from other islands and survive on packaged foods which, unfortunately, causes the condition.

While we know that beverages like soda contain lots of sugar, the added sugar itself is everywhere from spaghetti sauce to peanut butter and yes, they can be found in unexpected products like ketchup as well. Consumption of fructose that is used in such foods is found to increase hunger and desire for food compared to glucose which is found in starchy foods. In addition, excessive fructose may cause resistance to leptin that regulates hunger.

Increased Risk of Heart Disease because evidence has suggested that high-sugar diets can lead to obesity, inflammation, high triglyceride, blood sugar, as well as blood pressure levels which all are the risk factors of heart diseases. Another reason is consuming too much sugar, especially from sugar-sweetened drinks also has been linked to atherosclerosis or a disease that causes fats to deposit and clog the artery. There is a study with 30,000 people who consumed 17 to 21% of calories from added sugar has 38% higher risk of dying from heart disease.

Skin Problem is also one of the several issues that can be caused by sugar. Skin condition is very important for many of us because it is easily visible from the outside and none of us want to have acne as it hinders your confidence as well. Because food with a high glycemic index such as processed sweets can raise blood sugar more rapidly, it spikes insulin and causing increased androgen secretion where oil production and inflammation also increase and these are recipes for causing acne.

About Spindrift and Waterloo

While the risk of sugary things are scary and even life threatening to some point, it is very difficult to change diet or move into healthier options because sweet foods or drinks are tasty and we are often attracted to them compared to a more low calorie, natural choice. With the increase in awareness of the risk from sugary beverages, there are options to let you still have a refreshment without having to worry about adding more sugar and calories to the diet.

These beverages are not added with sugar and while they are not as sweet or as tasty as our typical soda or juice, they still taste great, especially with ice or chilled. Among those options that offer this healthier option of soda, Spindrift and Waterloo are two popular brands with interesting promise. If you are familiar with sparkling water such as La Croix Vs Perrier, these two are similar to various other products in the market. They contain no sweetener and artificial flavors, and also contain no worries.

Spindrift is one of the most popular beverages in the market with consumers ranging in age but especially have a space within millennials. This brand is introducing a new beverage into the market which boasts its taste despite not being completely calorie free, it is often preferred by consumers because they love the taste. It is very successful that the brand recently raised $29.8 million in a new funding round and to continue giving their best, this company also will innovate with more flavors that sourced naturally.

On the other hand Waterloo may look like something that has been around for decades but they actually first shipped the beverage in 2017. The business was set up in 2017 by Shiver and company COO Jeff Arnold but recently the company was sold to a consortium of private investors last year. The brand is selling carbonated beverages, just like La Croix or Spindrift but is claimed to taste better because healthier options are often not as tasty as regular soda which has proven to work well too as many people seem to love it.

Spindrift and Waterloo Package and Flavors

Moving further, let’s see the package first because it is never just the beverage because everything matters in a product meant to attract consumers and in comparison, Spindrift and Waterloo are very much different to each other. Waterloo is quite unique however, with the classic design, it makes the beverage seem like it comes from at least a few decades earlier despite being very new. It has 10 different flavors in total with one plain variant; all in 12 fl oz. can.

On the other hand, Spindrift is modern, minimalist and rather cute if perceived from the design and color used. It is using a similar can just like almost any carbonated soda out there but the clean nuance gives a refreshing and calming effect. Similarly, it only has a total of 10 different flavors in the collection, including the new addition Pineapple which was recently joining the collection and a plain variant for mixed drinks if you prefer; all also in 12 fl oz. can.

Spindrift and Waterloo Ingredients

Now, let’s see what Spindrift and Waterloo are made of because this is very important to make sure we are consuming a not only tasty beverage but also doesn’t contain any concerning ingredients that may harm our health. Starting with Spindrift, this beverage only contains carbonated water which simply means regular water added with carbonation, and fruit juice from the corresponding flavor variant. This fruit is not organic but is sourced from family farms in the US and is both kosher and gluten free.

As for Waterloo, it is also similar with only purified carbonated water and natural flavors. The beverage claimed that it contains no synthetic ingredients and only uses natural ingredients that are best in class or premium. It also doesn’t add any sugar or sweetener and sodium into the beverage, making it zero calories.

Spindrift and Waterloo Flavoring

We all know that regular water contains no calories but Spindrift and Waterloo are not just regular water. They are added with flavorings that makes them attractive and much more refreshing, moreover when combined with carbonation and refrigerated. What makes them tasty is the flavors itself in which Spindrift is using real fruit juice which is why it has a slight calories depending on the flavors, for example the grapefruit variant has 17 calories per can.

As for Waterloo, this is more similar to La Croix than Spindrift because it uses natural flavors. While it is not as straightforward as fruit juice, natural flavors are described as something derived from the natural source such as fruits or vegetables that is purposefully to give taste into something and is used not for the nutritional value. Since all of them need to pass standardization, these natural flavors are most likely safe to consume and present in the product only to give it a flavor.

Spindrift and Waterloo Taste

Last is their taste and this can be different among people since our taste buds may have different preferences as well as vary among flavors. We are liking the grapefruit variant because we like the fruit and its refreshing taste. In comparison Spindrift still tastes better than Waterloo or more natural and similar to how the fruit tastes in real life, it is zesty and just slightly sweet. It doesn’t have strong carbonation however which may turn some people off.

Spindrift vs Waterloo

Both Spindrift and Waterloo are healthier alternatives for people who are moving from regular soda or keeping the calorie intake low but still want a tasty refreshment. In comparison personally we like the taste of Spindrift better because it is more natural and more similar to fruit extract or juice but without extensive sugar content and all the calories are from the fruit used to give it flavors.

Spindrift Waterloo
- No calorie, no sugar- Use natural flavors
- Has calories- No calories
- Taste better- Taste a bit artificial
- Weaker carbonation- Stronger carbonation


All in all it is best to try them yourself and see if you like one better or if the two taste the same to you. Personally we recommend Spindrift for its tasty flavors and low carbonation but if you prefer the zero calorie option, Waterloo is a great choice as well.