Starbucks Cappuccino vs Latte

You are in Starbucks and you are wondering whether you should order cappuccino or latte. While they both are coffee drinks that are made with milk, there are distinctive differences that set the two apart. Below, you can read the complete comparisons between Starbucks Cappuccino vs Latte.

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About Cappuccino
Starbucks holds a high regard about cappuccino. This is reflected by how the company describes the coffee drink: “It is truly the height of our baristas’ craft.” They also mention that, in cappuccino, there is dark and rich espresso waiting under the smoothed, stretched layer of thick milk foam. All the description is true. See also: Espresso vs Cappuccino.

Making cappuccino is quite more difficult because you need to prepare the milk in a specific way. You need to steam and froth the milk until thick and velvety foam is formed. Afterwards, pouring the milk also requires skill and care. You have to pour the liquid milk while holding the foam back, so that the foam can be added later as the uppermost layer. Finally, you can make a latte art on top of the thick foam.

Cappuccino is typically a layered drink. On the top, there is a layer of thick milk foam. The middle layer is steamed milk that is slightly mixed with the espresso beneath. The bottom layer is the dark and rich espresso. Cappuccino is usually made from 2% milk for the best flavor and texture, but you can ask for a specific milk to be used, such as whole milk, nonfat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk.

Flavor and Texture of Cappuccino
Compared to latte, cappuccino usually has a stronger coffee flavor, especially when you are approaching the base of the drink. This is because cappuccino uses less milk, so the coffee flavor is less toned down. Also, if you don’t stir the drink, the distinct layers will be very apparent with the strongest coffee flavor at the bottom. Still, with cappuccino, you will enjoy the combination of the coffee with the sweetness of the milk.

Although the original cappuccino is usually not sweetened, Starbucks Cappuccino does contain some sugar. However, it is still not as sweet as Starbucks Latte. If you prefer your cappuccino to be not sweetened, you can ask the barista not to add any additional sugar.

Cappuccino has a considerably thicker texture. This is because of the thick foam layer on the top. The foam creates such a smooth and velvety texture which many people love.

Nutrition Facts of Starbucks Cappuccino
Most of the calories of a coffee drink do not actually come from the coffee. Instead, they come from the other ingredients, such as milk and sugar. This is also the case with Starbucks cappuccino vs latte.

Since cappuccino uses a smaller amount of milk, it comes with lower calories. According to Starbucks,a Grande serving of cappuccino with 2% milk contains only 120 calories. It has approximately 150 mg caffeine, 10 grams sugar, 100 mg sodium, 8 grams protein, and 4 grams fat. Compared to latte, cappuccino is relatively healthier due to the lower sugar and sodium levels.

About Latte
Latte is also a very popular coffee drink, so it is only natural for Starbucks to serve this drink as well. The company describes this drink as “a perfect milk warm up”. Dark and rich espresso is balanced with steamed milk and also a light layer of milk foam.

Latte is a coffee drink that is made by mixing espresso with steamed milk. The combination is stirred well into one. It is not a layered drink. It does not need to have a foam layer on the top, but adding some light foam will allow the barista to make a latte art. Just like cappuccino, you can order Starbucks Latte with a specific milk, such as 2% milk, whole milk, nonfat milk, soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk.

Making latte is relatively easier. This is because you don’t need to process the milk until it creates thick foam. You only need to steam it, and then pour it into the espresso in the cup. Typically, latte uses a higher amount of milk than cappuccino.

Flavor and Texture of Latte
The flavor of latte is somewhat similar to cappuccino, but the coffee is fully mixed with the milk. Latte uses a higher amount of milk, so the coffee flavor is even milder and more toned down. It is also sweeter, both because it uses more milk and because it contains more sugar.

We should point out that the original latte is usually not sweetened. However, many latte drinks in the United States are heavily sweetened. This is also the case with Starbucks Latte, which uses a considerable amount of sugar. If you prefer your latte to be unsweetened, don’t forget to tell the barista when ordering the drink.

Latte has significantly less foam. The foam layer on the top is very thin. Hence, the texture is smoother and relatively more liquid.

Nutrition Facts of Starbucks Latte
Latte is made using more milk, so it is not a surprise that it comes with higher calories. A Grande serving of latte with 2% milk contains about 190 calories. It also contains about 150 mg caffeine, 13 grams protein, and 7 grams fat.

However, the sugar and sodium levels are higher. It contains about 18 grams of sugar and 170 mg sodium. The differences are not very dramatic, but they still make something to consider if you want to maintain your health.

Starbucks Cappuccino vs Latte
Starbucks CappuccinoStarbucks Latte
- Has three distinct layers of thick foam, steamed milk, and espresso- The espresso and steamed milk are mixed into one
- The foam on the top is thick and velvety- The foam on the top is light and thin
- Stronger coffee flavor- Milder coffee flavor
- Lower calories, sugar, and sodium- Higher calories, sugar, and sodium

Starbucks Cappuccino vs Latte are made from espresso and milk, but they have distinctive differences. Cappuccino is a layered drink with thick foam on the top. The coffee flavor is stronger and the texture is thicker. Cappuccino is relatively healthier due to the lower calories, sugar, and sodium. Meanwhile, latte has the espresso and milk mixed into one, with just thin foam on the top. The coffee flavor is milder and the texture is smoother.