Yakult vs Cimory

There are numerous healthy beverages both naturally exist or invented by humans. Regular water is the healthiest choice however, you may still need to consume additional beverages in order to improve health or to help with some health issues such as the popular drink Yakult Vs Cimory. They are made from fresh milk and with some additional benefits of regular dairy. For those who wonder what they are and what they can offer, do check our short comparison below about the two popular healthy beverages.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the Options for Healthy Beverage 
  • What are Yakult and Cimory
  • How Many Variants do Yakult and Cimory Have
  • What Yakult and Cimory are Made of
  • What are the Nutritional Value of Yakult and Cimory
  • What Yakult and Cimory can offer
  • Yakult Vs Cimory

Healthy Fermented Drink

Humans need water to survive because it is required by our body to function properly. It also can’t survive without water faster than if we have to starve without food as well as affecting your body prominently, even on a daily basis when there is a lack of water consumption. Dehydration symptoms are often ignored until we have felt extremely thirsty or starting to have brain fog whenever trying to concentrate or processing something. In modern days most of us drink water with various other beverages.

Water is plain and refreshing when it’s cold. They have no taste but it seems that many of us also notice that not all water tastes the same depending on where they came from, temperature, as well as the compartment in where you store the liquid. While it is pretty boring in a sense to having no taste, it is still the healthiest way to supply our body with liquid because we all know how soda and soft drinks as well as other beverages today are high in sugar and potentially harmful chemicals.

Water has no taste, has no calories, and is good for the body. If you are not fond of drinking water, we can still get enough water supply by eating water rich foods such as watermelon, pear, and cantaloupe. You can have soup as well to make sure we have enough water everyday without having to gulp the tasteless liquid. In addition, we may improve the water taste by adding sliced fruit or choose something like Spindrift Vs Bubly that already has flavors from the can.

For those who are already drinking enough water but also need to improve their health, there are various alternatives to help improve our body based on what issue you are suffering from. Typical healthy beverage is fruit and vegetable juice which is very convenient because we can drink them anytime, conveniently, moreover when you are very busy like in the morning to replace regular breakfast. As long as they don’t contain added sugar, fruit and vegetable juice are great to consume.

Another type of healthy beverage is fermented drink which is popular because they are known to be beneficial for your digestion and health. Fermented foods are also having the same benefit and many of us love them both for the taste and for the benefit. Fermented foods like kimchi, natto, and miso are very tasty while fermented beverages like kombucha and prebiotic yogurts are not only tasty but also refreshing and also helpful for your gut.

About Yakult and Cimory

As people are more aware of their health, the businessman also wants to take profit from it and this is why there are so many acclaimed healthy beverages out there. With their marketing campaign and how we want to stay healthy, it is just convenient to purchase a packed beverage or foods and get our required nutrition from them. What we have to be aware of is, not all of them will work as advertised and our body is unique so what works for other people may have different results for us.

One of the most popular and abundantly available healthy beverages in modern days is yogurt and we are sure that most people are familiar with this fermented dairy because it can be found in many cultures, including those traditionally made. They taste good so even without any benefit us humans will most likely still consume and produce them on a large scale but they are also carrying certain advantages over just regular milk. The live bacteria that turns the milk into yogurt is what makes it extra beneficial.

This beverage can be made at home with the proper tool and a little bit of patience but as we prefer convenience, bottled yogurt is a great solution. There are plenty of options out there from various different brands such as the popular Yakult and Cimory. Both of them are very popular brands we are familiar with and the two are also marketing bottled yogurt that are also varying in flavors in addition to the basic or plain one. In comparison however, Yakult is far more worldwide famous and has been around for decades.

Personally we are consuming these yogurt drinks for refreshment and not actually everyday because we don’t have any particular gut problem that need to be addressed yet for some people, their doctor may recommend to take this type of beverage in order to help their condition such as irritable bowel syndrome. Overall we do think Yakult and Cimory are good beverages to have but may not be for everyone.

Yakult and Cimory Variants

While Yakult is being sold worldwide, Cimory is probably only available in a few countries especially in the South East Asian region. We are all familiar with Yakult flavor which is unique to this probiotic drink and what’s surprising is, they actually have lots of different flavors to try yet, unfortunately they are only available in certain place. In Singapore, you can find Yakult in grape, orange, and apple flavors which are great additions in case you are bored of the old classic Yakult flavor.

For Cimory, this company is selling more than yogurt drinks with addition of fresh milk and soy milk for those who are avoiding dairy. It has an extensive options of flavors in addition to the plain one. For example, the pet bottle (250ml) is available in 10 different flavors including the plain one with options such as mango, mixed berry, lychee, guava, grape, etc. If you are also lacking vitamin C, Cimory also offers Yolite C+ with addition of 100mg of vitamin C, in different flavors as well.

Yakult and Cimory Ingredients

Just like with anything we consume, if possible we want to know what they are made of, especially about healthy food or beverage. Starting with Yakult, this beverage is made with water, sugar, nonfat milk, glucose, natural flavors, and bacteria lactobacillus casei shirota strain. On the other hand, similarly a Cimory list cow’s milk, water, sugar, stabilizer, and bacteria streptococcus thermophilus as well as lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp bulgaricus. As you can see, all of them are not pure milk and live bacteria again with some additional ingredients. 

Yakult and Cimory Nutritional Value

One of the reasons why some people avoid drinking bottled yogurt drinks like Yakult and Cimory is because of the high sugar content. We can avoid this by choosing the Yakult Light which contains less sugar. The typical calorie of one Yakult bottle that contains 80ml of beverage is 50 calories and typical serving of two bottles will bump it up to 100 calories and 20 grams of sugar or about 36% from our daily recommendation intake.

If you want the low calorie variant, the Yakult Light is only 25 calorie per bottle. On the other hand, a bottle of 250ml Cimory contains 200 calories which is quite high for a refreshment or if you need to monitor calorie intake. While it has Plain flavor, it only means there is no flavoring added because the amount of calorie from this variant will be the same and have the same sugar content of 27 grams.

Yakult and Cimory Benefit

As for the type of bacteria, Yakult and Cimory are using different strains but in general probiotics are giving the same benefits. For example, a 2003 study showed Lactobacillus casei Shirota is beneficial as adjunctive therapy for people with chronic constipation while another study also suggests that it can improve bowel habits for people with Parkinson’s disease. Streptococcus thermophilus on the other hand is still less studied but some animal based studies suggest that it can improve skin health and improve lactose digestion. 

For lactobacillus Delbrueckii subsp Bulgaricus, it is still not approved to treat any diseases but by far, this specific strain is suggested to help some health conditions such as constipation by decreasing the symptoms and may also help manage a variety of mental health conditions including ADHD and depression. But, do note that these studies are done in animals so we still have no better view of the exact benefits/side effects.

Yakult vs Cimory

Both Yakult and Cimory are nutritious as well as containing good bacteria to help your gut’s health and probably helpful for other health conditions that we may have. But, there is still not enough evidence for the rest of the benefits besides helping your digestion. Among the two, depending on serving these beverages are typically high in sugar so we have to consider the calorie content. Again, in comparison Yakult do have the low calorie variant Yakult Light while Cimory in plain variant is still too high in sugar.

Yakult Cimory
- Available almost worldwide- Only available in few places
- Only available in one flavor in most countries- Available in lots of different flavors
- Available in low-sugar/calorie variant- No low-sugar/calorie variant
- L. Casei Shirota- Streptococcus thermophilus and L. Delbrueckii subsp bulgaricus


All in all we do not recommend to take any sugary beverage extensively, moreover, if it is done everyday or if you will have another sugar from the rest of the food consumed during the day. Homemade yogurt can be the better option in this situation but for a refreshment, Yakult and Cimory sure are tasty and safe to be consumed moderately.